If You Used Pike Nurseries Please Let Me Know


Katy and I recently used Pike Nurseries Design Services to come up with a plan for our front yard. They ended up being inexpensive to implement the design as well, so we’re also using them for the install. Anyway, part of their deal is getting referrals and they will give a $100 gift card to us AND whoever referred us to them who has also used both Pikes for design and installation services. That said, I’m trying to track down someone who has used Pike for design and install so we can both get the gift cards. If this is you, please contact me, Dan Mallory, at danjmallory(at)gmail(dot)com or katy(dot)mallory(at)gmail(dot)com or call Dan at four zero four two eight seven two seven zero six.


One response to “If You Used Pike Nurseries Please Let Me Know

  1. Ginger Gidden-Weinzie

    Dogs Seen

    Two male dogs were sighted on east parkwood. They are very friendly and wearing collars, but no tags. They were walking toward West Parkwood when we last saw them. We have four dogs and couldn’t take them in.

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