PGC Roles, Duties, & Services

This year the officers and chairs of PGC have volunteered to take on responsibilities that all neighbors should be aware of. PGC is here to improve our neighborhood as a whole by assisting members with bringing issues, problems, ideas for improvements, notifications, etc. to the attention of the officers and committees so that action can be taken to resolve issues. We want to be accessible to everyone and encourage communication and cooperation between members and officers. Familiarize yourself with the following info so that you know who to contact when you want to bring something to the attention of PGC.

The PGC President’s role is one of leadership and representation. As spokesperson for PGC, the President heads up General and Board meetings, disseminates information to the membership, and represents PGC outside of our neighborhood. The President helps with recruitment of officers, formation of committees, budget creation and analysis, and R&D of the bylaws, insurance, IRS status, and other legalities. If you want to communicate with PGC generally, contact our President at:

The Vice President assists the President as needed and can be contacted if/when the President is not able to respond. You can contact our Vice President at:

The Secretary records and maintains minutes of the General and Board meetings and assists the President and Communications Chairs with correspondence and maintenance of the non-financial files of PGC. Contact our Secretary at:

The Treasurer maintains the financial files of PGC and disburses funds as needed. Contact our Treasurer at:

The Auditor annually reviews all financial files and transactions for any possible errors or discrepancies.

The Civic Chair communicate with city and county governments regarding road issues such as pot holes, damaged traffic/street signs, curb/gutter issues, sidewalk hazards or obstructions, safety concerns, and other issues affecting PGC that are under government jurisdiction (such as the train whistle, for example). This year the Civic Chair initiated the hanging of holiday wreaths from street signs in the neighborhood, helped get potholes repaired and traffic signs replaced by the county, and is leading an effort to remove obstructions from our sidewalks. Contact our Civic Chair at:

The Membership Chair’s is responsible for leading the Membership Drive, neighbor care and organizing social functions.  Contact our Membership Chair at:

The Communications Chair’s is responsible for providing mechanisms for the Officers and Committees to communicate with the members using traditional, electronic and social media; assisting the Officers and Committees in drafting and/or reviewing materials; and for publishing the membership directory. To report problems with the website, mailing list, printed Directory, or to submit lost/found pets, classifieds, events, articles, photos, or notifications for posting to the website, contact our Communications Chair at:

The Parkwood Park Committee Chair spearheads progress surrounding PGC’s 3.2 acre Parkwood Park. This post’s current activities concern the eventual restoration of the Parkwood Roads/W Ponce de Leon Ave intersection to its former glory. The health of Parkwood Park is also of concern at the moment, and the Committee Chair leads up progressive stewardship efforts in cooperation with the Park Committee and PGC membership. The two traffic circles at the Parkwood Roads/East Lake Drive intersection are also under the purview of the Parkwood Park Committee, as they are common green spaces. The Committee Chair organizes Park Cleanup Days, researches Park stewardship methods, updates the membership on plans for the Park, and gathers feedback from members concerning the future of the Park. To volunteer your assistance for Park cleanups or for questions/suggestions concerning Parkwood Park and traffic circles, contact our Parkwood Park Committee Chair at:

For contact info of Parkwood Park Committee Members, see Contact Officers.


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