Join the PGC

Dear Neighbor, Thank you in advance for renewing your membership in the Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) or for joining this year if you are not currently a member. With your annual membership dues of $65 and the efforts of many dedicated volunteers, we plan to do the following with our proposed annual budget of $5750:

  • Maintain Parkwood Park and the two gardens at the East Lake entrance to our neighborhood (65%);
  • Host parties in the fall and spring (15%);
  • Pay taxes, registration fees, and general liability insurance premium (15%);
  • Provide a member directory and neighborhood map (5%);
  • Welcome new neighbors into our neighborhood (all volunteer efforts);
  • Maintain the PGC website and our Facebook page (all volunteer efforts);
  • Disseminate information about the crime prevention and other topics of interest to our neighborhood (all volunteer efforts);
  • Maintain a voice with City officials regarding sidewalk and road maintenance (all volunteer efforts); and
  • Raise funds for the maintenance and beautification of the Park (all volunteer efforts).

This year the PGC has 96 member families; and we are hopeful more neighbors will join and become actively involved.  We are excited about 2018 and the opportunities to contribute to the quality of life in Parkwood.

PGC Board of Directors

To join PGC, complete and submit the form below:

PGC Brochure 2019 Membership form

PGC 2019 Brochure

To pay now, use the button below.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

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