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What Is the PGC?

The Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) is a close-knit neighborhood of over 100 homes, nestled just outside of the eastern city limits of Atlanta in Decatur, GA. We’re proud that half of our neighborhood also lies within Historic Druid Hills.   Collectively, the PGC owns three acres of stream property between West and East Parkwood Roads, “Parkwood Park.” See map below.  The blue area encompasses the 114 homes eligible to call the PGC home.

We Are A Vibrant Neighborhood Association with History.

Founded in February of 1952, the Parkwood Garden Club was originally comprised of 54 women whose sole aim was the beautification of the Parkwood area: West Parkwood Road, East Parkwood Road, Parkwood Lane, and Upland Road.  Wimberly Court is also now a part of our PGC neighborhood but did not exist then.

Emory University originally owned the land on which our neighborhood now sits.  In the 1940’s, Emory began selling lots to homeowners, but remained owner of the three acre tract of land and stream by the West Ponce de Leon entrance.  On March 30, 1971, the Parkwood Garden Club was awarded the deed to this property and remains the title holder today.

Now the Parkwood Garden Club still beautifies our community and maintains the three acre tract of land, but we are also a vibrant neighborhood association.  The PGC includes both men and women and features meetings with guest speakers, several annual holiday parties and picnics, and green space projects throughout the year.  The Club also serves the social function of anchoring our community to our collective past while keeping an eye to our future.

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