Our Vision for the Park

Transforming an overgrown 3 acre ravine into a woodland park is an almost overwhelming task.  To help us stay focused on the right things, we have developed Vision and Mission Statements for the Park and the Parkwood Park Committee.

Parkwood Park Vision Statement

Parkwood Park is a historic, urban, forested sanctuary
with trails designed for the enjoyment of the
native plants, wildlife, and creek

Parkwood Park Committee Mission Statement

The Parkwood Park Committee with the support of the Parkwood Garden Club membership will:

  • Remove exotic invasive plants to encourage native plant growth, in keeping with the Olmsted tradition.
  • Design and create trails through the park for the enjoyment of walkers.
  • Develop plans to provide financial support for both restoration and long-term maintenance.
  • Communicate plans to the Parkwood Garden Club members through neighborhood meetings, emails, and Parkwood Garden Club website postings.

Parkwood Park Brochure


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