Neighbors in need of Wood Chips…ASAP

We need a load of wood chips ASAP if anyone knows of a source. Thanks! Christy and Larry,  234 E Parkwood Rd 404-378-5734

2 responses to “Neighbors in need of Wood Chips…ASAP

  1. Little Creek Horse Farm often has wood chips available for free. Drive down Scott toward Hgwy 78/29; as you pass the Quick Trip on your left, before the roads diverge, look to your right. Take a right at the light and there is often a pile of chips or sometimes compost on your left just after your turn.

    • Thanks Deb for this information! Seems I knew how to “send” messages but not retrieve replies!! It’s Sept 23rd now and I just now saw your earlier reply! Christy…from an earlier generation!

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