Nation of Neighbors

Nation of Neighbors is a web-based community network that is used by the City of Decatur Police Department and Parkwood Residents to share local crime, suspicious activity and other community concerns in real time.

As a resident of the Parkwoods, we recommend you sign up for this free service using the instructions below.

  • Visit the Nation of Neighbors Website:
  • Click the ‘Sign up’ tab; fill in the on-line form, and click ‘Register.’
  • An email will be sent to you confirming your registration. Open the email and follow the link to log in.
  • Activity on Nation of Neighbors is centered on Community Groups, and there is a list of local Community Groups you can join, including ‘Parkwood Park.’
  • To join this Group, click the link to visit the Parkwood Park home page; then select the ‘Join This Group’ tab near the top. This will take you to the ‘Welcome Home Page.’
  • Check ‘Join This Community’ and ‘Save Changes.’ You should now be on the ‘Parkwood Park’ page where you can set your preferences.

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