Warning: Be Aware of Who’s Around You While Cycling/Jogging

Today a PGC neighbor brings to our attention an email she received from a friend in Avondale Estates. This Avondale Estates resident has seen Robert Mckenzie a few times very recently in neighborhoods fairly close to Parkwood, like Inman Park, Avondale, the Oakhurst Community Garden, and yesterday, Decatur. This Avondale resident and another friend of our PGC neighbor have both had personal run-ins with Mr. Mckenzie of an alarming nature.

Robert Mckenzie is registered with the GBI’s Sex Offender registry. Click here to see registry information along with a detailed description and photo.

The following is from an email sent yesterday from the Avondale Estates resident to our neighbor in PGC and is a direct quote from the Inman Park mailing list:

Robert Mckenzie, the individual that was arrested last year for harassing and stalking women joggers in the Virginia Highlands and Freedom Park area, has been released from jail after a subsequent arrest. However, he remains on probation and he has also been added to Georgia Sex Offender registry. He has been arrested in Inman Park twice within a year — and was armed both times. Due to his new registry status, he is forbidden from living, working, and loitering within a 1000 foot radius of any area where children congregate.

He typically travels by bicycle, and the last time he was seen in Inman Park, he was on a dark colored bike with two rows of reflectors around the entire circumference of both wheels. The link for his sex offender registry information, along with a detailed description and photo, is provided below. Please familiarize yourself with his picture and information. If you see him in one of these areas and/or displaying any suspicious behaviors, please call 911 immediately. He is listed as homeless, and due to his arrest location history, is registered in Fulton County. He has provided a Dekalb County address, and they are in the process of confirming it.

Addendum to original message from another e-mailer:

Hey everyone — please warn all your cycling and running/walking friends/wives about this guy. He has followed me twice while I have been riding (alone) along Church St to group rides. He reached out to grab on to me on one occasion. Very scary. He is very strong and even though he rides a crappy mountain bike, he is fast. He is armed and also a sex offender. Please don’t ride alone along the path to Stone Mountain if you can help it!

He has made the rounds and has been seen in Stone Mt., Tucker, Decatur, Inman Park, and Va. Highlands. Thanks and safe riding!

PGC neighbors, please be aware of your surroundings and the people around you when you are recreating outdoors and keep the 1000 foot radius rule in mind if/when you do see this person loitering in a recreational area.


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