Meeting Minutes Posted

Sorry for the delay, but the minutes from the June 13, 2011 neighborhood-wide PGC meeting are now online. They’re near the top of the list in the Members Only section of the website and are password protected. If you’re a PGC member and forgot the password, email me.

The minutes contain a summary of the agenda, plus some very neat features such as:

  • transcript of Sally Sears’ talk to us (of South Fork Conservancy fame)
  • transcript of Rebecca Kerimbaev’s presentation on native plants
  • PDF of Sheri Kennedy’s Keynote presentation
  • downloadable Powerpoint version of Sheri’s Keynote presentation
  • video and audio of entire night’s presentations

So, if you couldn’t make it to the meeting but have been wondering what went down, you now have access to all of it. My apologies again that it took so long to get online. Enjoy!


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