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Burglary on 200 Block W Parkwood Rd

Last Wednesday, December 7, 2011, at 9 a.m., there was apparently a forced burglary of a house on West Parkwood Road on the 200 block. It was reported at the following website:

No further details have been obtained by me or other neighbors as far as we know, and the owner of the home did not report it to the PGC. We do not know which home it was, although the website above does seem to pinpoint a specific location on the street, albeit with no address listed.

The holiday or winter season seems to historically be a time when some break-ins have happened in our neighborhood. As you travel and leave your home unattended this season, please be aware of this situation and take precautions. Also please alert the PGC as soon as you learn of any type of crime in the neighborhood by sending an email to