First step in fence installation to be completed today

DeKalb County Public Works Roads and Drainage continued their work yesterday (Thursday) and plans to finish up their work today on the W Ponce-facing end of Parkwood Park.  The County should have our new black aluminum fence installed by the end of next week (July 8). Early next week, before fence installation, we should have a delivery of wood chips coming from Appleseed Tree Service to cover the newly graded area. The County will lay down straw here today to cover for the next few days before the chips arrive. If you have any concerns or questions about the work being finished up today at W Ponce, please drive by it and take a look at it in person, read our short post from Wednesday, and contact Park Chair Sheri Kennedy at 404-377-8218 (home) or 770-815-9718 (cell).

Our next Casual Monday work day in the Park will be July 11, when we may be spreading wood chips at the W Ponce area, or if that work is completed, we can continue to work on invasive plant removal. More details to follow….



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