First step in fence installation begun at W Ponce

Dekalb County Public Works Roads and Drainage has begun their work today at the West Ponce end of the Park to remove some of the existing rip rap (there was too much of it installed to begin with), remove all of the construction material that had previously been left in the area (concrete chunks, brick, etc.), remove the chain link fence, and get the area ready for fence installation next week. The fence being installed next week to replace the chain link fence will be a black aluminum fence that will be more stable and correctly placed (and therefore more functional) and more in line with the aesthetics of other fencing in our Druid Hills neighborhood. The county is also planning to bring an engineer out there this week to evaluate the storm water drainage issues at the E Parkwood Road and W Ponce intersection. The work has just started today, and the area will continue to look better and better as work progresses. If Parkwood neighbors have any questions about the progress or planned end result of this phase of fence installation, please contact Sheri Kennedy at 404-377-8218 (home) or 770-815-9718 (cell).


One response to “First step in fence installation begun at W Ponce

  1. People tend to be hesitant about the cost of fencing but usually see the overall value once installed.

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