Pages in History: The Parkwood Picayune

Parkwood Residents,

Neighbors Anne and Joe Dicks thought that you might enjoy seeing a lost piece of Parkwood communications history: The Parkwood Picayune, a quarterly newsletter published and distributed by their three home-schooled children back in 1994 and 1995. Their kids created four quarterly editions in all: Fall 1994, Winter 1995, Spring 1995, and Summer 1995. Some of you folks who lived here back then are mentioned in these pages by name, people like the Ordways, the Candlers, the Joneses, and others. Will YOUR name be in these pages? Check ’em out to see. Click on each image below to bring up a PDF of that season’s edition, and have fun perusing!

Fall 1994

Winter 1995

Spring 1995

Summer 1995


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