Dangerous Tree and Limbs Removed on E Parkwood Rd Today

If you drove south on E Parkwood Rd coming from Ponce during or after this last big storm event this week, then you probably noticed all the mulberry branches that were hanging down over the road incredibly low, weighted down by the rain. These branches have been too low for a long time now, scratching the tops of cars and pickup trucks alike as they pass beneath, especially where the branches were hanging over speed bumps (which they were).  I wasn’t the only neighbor to observe cars swerving around these branches into the oncoming lane to avoid passing beneath the scratching branches and view-obstructing leaves. In other words, it was a problem that needed to be addressed for the safety of both Parkwood residents and through-traffic alike.

The Park Committee hired Tree Works, Inc. to cut down these branches today at several points along E Parkwood Rd. between Parkwood Lane and W Ponce. They also removed one whole mulberry tree that was leaning precariously over the street and that had a rotted stump at its base that was likely compromising its already stressed root system. This tree also had the lowest-hanging branches in the way of traffic. Tree Works chipped the tree and other trees’ branches and hauled them away. The associated cost was paid from PGC funds. It is expected that similar safety issues caused by trees in our Park will be paid from PGC funds in the future also.

We think you will find it much better and safer to drive on E Parkwood Rd. now.


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