Minutes of Board of Directors’ Meeting 9/9/13

The September 9, 2013 meeting of the Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) Board of Directors was held at 471 W Parkwood Rd, Decatur, GA. The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm. The following officers and committee chairs attended: Tom Bell, Christina Carter, Joe Dicks, Steve Elmore, Frances Finegan, Jim Paulino, Patti Paulino, Bob Stewart. 

I. Consent Agenda

August 13, 2013 Board minutes – All approve.

II.  Powl Update

Joe Dicks – We will use Powl on letterhead, new membership directory cover, and possibly flags, T-shirts, hats.

III. Treasurer’s Report

1.  Tom Bell Motion:  Dues to be left at $45 per year. Joe Dicks, second.  Majority approves and Steve Elmore does not.

2.  2014 Budget is tabled and will be approved through the consensus through email. 

IV.    President’s Report

A.  Old Business

  1. General Liability Policy.  Travelers will provide quotes on:  Medical Payments; increasing our “Each Occurrence Limit” from $500K to $1M; and whether a general liability policy can be written to cover volunteers causing bodily injury to third parties.  – Frances to research.
  2.  Wine Tasting Fundraiser.  Fundraiser to benefit the maintenance of the Parkwood Park trees is progressing well:

WHEN:            Sunday, September 22,   3:00 to 5:00 P.M.

WHERE:         Home of Frances Finegan and Mike Galifianakis

                                                          471 W. Parkwood Road

SPONSORS:  Ansley Mall Wine Merchants,

                  Adam Williams and his wife, Cindy Thigpen

COST:              $20 per person

Purchase your “ticket” in advance using check, cash or PayPal (ffinegan@hotmail.com).

NOTES:  We may need to limit tickets to 40.  Let’s hope this will be a “problem”.  I will transfer PayPal funds to the PGC account.

We will have to spend some money for cocktails (cured local meats, local cheese, crudités) and buying or renting glasses.  Patti has cocktail napkins.  Maybe $100 to $150?  – Frances/Adam to determine food needed, then we decide if the PGC Board members will split the cost.

3.  Tree Maintenance – Going forward, what percentage of the Park funds should be spent on tree maintenance, (i.e. removing dead and/or diseased limbs and trees)?  How are funds allocated to this task by the Park sub-committee?  How do SFC funds impact this task? 41 identified trees.  32 have actions towards them.

4.  Elderly Neighbors – The daughter for one of the original owners living at 222 E. Parkwood is very pleased to have now been added to our e-mail distribution.

B.  New Business

  1. DHCA Liason – Frances Finegan
  2. Druid Hills  Yard Sale 9/21 – in front of the Carters.  They will give 50% of proceeds to Leukemia and Lymphoma and 50% to Parkwood Garden Club.
  3. Druid Hills Home Tour – May 2-4, 2014.

V. Committee Reports – Additions to submitted reports.

A. Civic Committee

  1. Crime – Nation of Neighbors recommendation for neighborhood-wide implementation. Motion:  Implement Nation of Neighbors as the way to transmit crime information for PGC. – All approve.
  2. Communications – PGC E-mails – Motion:  No opt out of part of emails. – All approve.
  3. City-hood Initiatives – There will be a meeting October 14 to present facts so far.
  4. Free Library – Motion:  To use funds ($35) to order Free Library supplies.  All approve. 

B.  Parkwood Park- see attached report.

  1. Dead/Diseased Trees – Cost Estimate for removing trees. No estimate has yet been obtained for the dead/diseased trees.
  2. Outstanding Bill – Has this been paid? – Sheri Kennedy is continuing to negotiate the outstanding bill for spraying the invasive plants.

C.  Membership

Please see attached Membership Report. – Membership starts Oct 1, 2013.  Christina to find organizer for kids’ activities.

D.   Secretary

  1. Workday/Meeting Sign Costs – The signs to be ordered out of proceeds from yard sale.  Three signs:  1) Work Day this Saturday.  2) Membership due October 31 3) Neighborhood Party – Don’t forget to RSVP.  There are 4 locations for signs, so 12 signs total.
  2. Converting Membership Form to fillable PDF file.  – Christina to do when membership form is finalized.

Meeting adjourned at 9:48 pm. There will be no meeting in October.  The next meeting is scheduled for November 12, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at Frances’ home, 471 W. Parkwood Rd.

Minutes – PPC – 2013-08-26

PGC 2014 Draft Budget Revised

PGC Acct Balances 2013

PGC Membership Report 20130909


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