Reminder: Coyote Meeting Tonight at City Hall

Tonight, Monday, December 5, 2011, 7:30 p.m. at Decatur City Hall (509 N. McDonough, next door to Eddie’s Attic). Meeting to discuss “Coexisting with Coyotes: Is it Working? How Will We Know?” Please come share your ideas and concerns. For more info, contact Christy Kennedy-Bosarge, 404.378.5734. CKennedy(at)mindspring(dot)com.


2 responses to “Reminder: Coyote Meeting Tonight at City Hall

  1. Sally Thomas

    I am so sorry Ron and I cannot attend this important meeting. I do have grave concerns due to the presence of coyotes in our neighborhood. Several years ago the city or county (can’t remember which) assisted those of us on Upland Road in reducing the rodent population. I feel they need ti help us now by trapping the coyotes and destroying them. Their presence threatens small children, most importantly, and the neighborhood has suffered the loss of too many pets.

  2. Christy Bosarge

    Dear neighbors,

    Thanks to all who attended last night’s Decatur council meeting. Over 40 people were in attendance and the media coverage was wide spread. My hope is that we can keep the momentum going on addressing this concern in Decatur and through out Atlanta. Several adjacent neighborhoods were represented which is a good sign that folks may be motivated to become more aware about our role as humans to help deter the coyote’s interest in coming as close as they are.

    My continued focus will be on increasing the education of our community and developing a tracking system for better evaluating their presence and impact. I am still exploring the possibility of trapping with two major concerns in mind…..that the coyote who felt comfortable enough to come to our patio and keep his prey in spite of my close and aggressive reaction to him is still out there to try it again and that our plans to get a puppy with free access to our fenced in backyard via a dog door is currently and possibly no longer realistic. We find this very disturbing. I realize that we will not all agree on the same solutions but do hope that we can come together on many.


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