PGC Car Burglarized on Wimberly Ct.

PGC resident Karna Candler reported today, March 17, 2011:

When I got in my car this afternoon, both glove compartments, the ash tray and the change tray were wide open. Someone had obviously gone through my car looking for change (not a penny to be found in my car). I have been driving my son’s car this week, so I can’t say for sure when this happened. I try never to leave my car unlocked, but alas, this time it was unlocked. The shocking thing is that my car is parked behind my house on Wimberly Court where neighbors are careful to keep an eye out for each other. I am convinced it was searched in the middle of the night. Just thought I would remind neighbors to lock their cars…

Thanks to Karna for sharing this information!

PGC residents: When you learn of new crime in our own PGC neighborhood, please submit it to for quick distribution to the membership via the PGC mailing list and website.


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