Suspicious Activities on Ridgecrest and East Lake, Two Weeks in a Row

In response to yesterday’s PGC email about the Suspicious Activity Alert on Ridgecrest, PGC resident Alice DeMille contributed another suspicious sighting from last week. Here are her words.

Last week I saw a guy in a white SUV on East Lake (between the RR and Ridgecrest) do the same thing, probably around the same time(10 a.m.). Cars were behind me so I was unable to  make a u-turn to see what was up.  It did make me wonder what was up though and now  this email.  I did not see him pick up the paper bin but maybe he had already done so.  It was the blue bag he put in his SUV.   Alice

And here below is the original “crime” alert reprinted from  I say “crime” because apparently, taking someone’s trash or recyclables from the curb is perfectly legal! If this concerns you, you might want to start shredding those documents before you put them in your blue bin. No one has reported seeing blue bin contents being taken yet, though, just blue bags.

For those of you who aren’t subscribed to the East Lake Neighborhood crime alerts, here’s a reprint of an alert that just posted on their website:

“Neighbor Spotted Suspicious Activity

At approximately 10am (yesterday) I saw a small beige car pull up outside my house on Ridgecrest Rd and take my recycling bag and put it into the trunk of the car. I was unable to get out of the house in time to stop and question him and the police said it was trash and fair game. I drove up the street and did not notice anyone else’s recyclables missing. Please be on the lookout and get the tag number if possible. Could be possible identity theft or worse.

All the best,


To read the original article, go here:
PGC residents: When you learn of new crime in our own PGC neighborhood, please submit it to for quick distribution to the membership via the PGC mailing list and website.


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