Native Tree Sale at Fernbank Tomorrow Morning

Here’s a reminder from the the Parents Listserv at the CDC and also from the Fernbank Science Center website.  Thanks to Paul & Laura Thompson for the heads up on this.

Fernbank Science Center is having their Arbor Day tree sale this Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011 from 9 a.m. until noon.  This is a great opportunity to get some native trees and shrubs that are hard to find! Once established, native plants fare better than non-native. They also benefit wildlife and our ecosystem to a greater extent than most of the non-native plants do. The sale is located at the Fernbank Science Center at 156 Heaton Park Drive Atlanta GA 30307 (NOT at the Museum).

Here is the list of plants they’ll have for sale, subject to availability:

Anise, Yellow Blueberry Basswood
Blackgum Buckeye, Painted Buckeye, Red
Buckeye, Yellow Buttonbush Cypress, Bald
Cypress, Pond Eastern, Mayhaw Elderberry, American
Hawthorn, Parsley Hazelnut Hearts-a-bustin’
Hibiscus, Swamp Hickory, Mockernut Hickory, Pignut
Holly, American ‘Carolina No. 2’ Holly, Apollo (male) Holly, Dahoon (female)
Holly, Dwarf Yaupon Hophornbeam, American Hoptree
Doghobble/Leucothoe Magnolia, Ash Magnolia, Bigleaf
Magnolia, Bigleaf Hybrid Magnolia, Pyramid Magnolia, Sweetbay
Magnolia, Umbrella Maple, Chalkbark Oak, Northern Red
Oak, Post Pawpaw Persimmon
Redbud Sassafras Sourwood
Sugarberry Sweetshrub Titi
Viburnum, spp. Yellowwood Assorted dormant perennials

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