Update: Attempted Burglary NOT Jan. 30, 2011

UPDATE (Feb. 3, 1:26 p.m.): The post below was reproduced from an Eastlakeneighborhood.org post first appearing yesterday, Feb. 2, 2011 which did not specify dates but mentioned “possibly Sunday night,” implying the Sunday referred to was Jan. 30.  However, I just discovered that yesterday’s East Lake post was a repost of a Jan 3 comment from Doug Bremner that you can see here, so it appears that the attempted burglary actually took place around Jan 2, not Jan 30. Sorry for the miscommunication.

The attempted burglary occurred near the corner of Ridgecrest and Ponce, possibly Sunday night, Jan 30, 2011. Nothing was stolen, but a second floor window screen was cut open and the window was found ajar, suggesting entrance with a ladder. To read the report at Eastlakeneighborhood.org, click here.

Attention PGC residents: When you learn of new crime in the area, please submit it to pgc.webmasters@gmail.com for quick distribution to the membership.


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