Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 04/03/12

In Attendance:  Joe Dicks, Karna Candler, Jim Jarboe, Steve Elmore, Sheri and Jim Kennedy

  1. I.   West Ponce Project:

Frances Galifianakis found a treasure trove of free boulders from a soon to be renovated home in Decatur.  We have already gathered two truck loads and hope to make a couple more trips to gather more stones for the drainage area.  Hopefully we will be able to save the expense of purchasing stone for this project.

Work day planned for Friday, April 13 to dig out the area and start putting down the stone.

Parkwood Park Sign:  We had two proposals for a Parkwood Park logo.  We were very pleased with both suggestions and after much discussion decided on the simpler version created by Joe Dicks with his son Ben putting on the finishing touches.  If the Board doesn’t have any objections at next weeks meeting, then the logo will be unveiled at the May 14 neighborhood meeting.  The logo will be shared with the Board at the next meeting and then under lock and key until the unveiling at the neighborhood wide meeting May 14.

The other logo submitted by Rebecca and created by a friend of hers is a good candidate for a future cover of the PGC telephone directory.

  1. II.   Invasive Plant Removal and Native Plant Identification

Native plant markers have not been ordered.   Sheri didn’t research proposals for the Champion Tree marker.  Sheri did apply for an account at GroSouth a local gardening wholesaler in Tucker.  The markers can be purchased through GroSouth at a reduced rate.

A plan was discussed to remove the remaining invasive plants and vines.  All agreed Terry Sutton with Cascade Springs is the agreed upon direction for tackling the remaining areas in the park.  According to the interview Steve had with Terry last year about the park now is the ideal time to treat the invasive plants.  Our current park budget does not cover cost of $1200 per acre, however, the committee feels we will be able to raise the funds during our October fund raising campaign for the park.  Sheri will ask the Board for a loan from the reserve fund so we can begin treating the park this year.  We agreed to only borrow $1200 to cover approximately 1 acre.  If the Board approves the loan, Steve and Sheri will contact Terry Sutton and determine the best area, timeline and expectations.  We will also develop a 3-5 year plan for treating the remaining areas of the park.  The proposal will be shared at the May 14 meeting.

  1. III.   Paths

Bridge:  Steve shared information on the approximate cost of materials for the 29’ bridge currently proposed near the W Parkwood/By-Pass entrance to the park.  The approximate cost of materials is $1600.  Jeff Hayden indicated in an email that one of the Eagle Scouts was interested in the project but no updates.  Steve also located a similar bridge built several years ago at Fort Yargo State Park.  Steve plans to locate the bridge to check the construction and how it has since aged.

Joe presented information from the DeKalb County Development and Planning Group about building the bridge and treating any plant material in the park.  At this time we decided to continue with any invasive removal in the park without pursuing a variance.  Other organizations didn’t indicate a variance was needed.

Joe also suggested we plan on installing the bridge away from any sewer pipes.  At this time an exact location for the bridge has not been determined.  Joe suggested finding an area along a straighter area of the creek to lessen the possibility of erosion undermining the bridge.

We will determine the next steps as plans for the bridge become more finalized.

Trail Markers:  The trail markers are perfect.  Thank you Joe Dicks for the plan and Tom Bell for all the hard work!!  We agreed to install them to the right of the trail as people enter the park.  We actually need 2 more to cover all the trails but didn’t make a decision about purchasing the additional materials.  Will add to our ‘to do’ list for the park and the agenda for our next meeting.


  1. IV.   Park Maintenance and Project Prioritization List

Sheri started a spreadsheet with all the maintenance items we have discussed as well as potential projects.  Steve and Sheri will review the list and organize for the next PPC meeting in May.

  1. V.   Park Donations and Budget Update: 

Sheri has contacted Sally Sears on the possibility of South Fork sponsorship for tax deductible donations for the park.

No real changes to the budget since the last meeting.



Proposed Expense

Total Expense


PGC   Funds *maintenance



Tree   work



Park   Donations * enhancements



W   Ponce Planting



W   Ponce Drainage



W   Ponce Grass






  1.  Presentation for the May neighborhood wide meeting:  PPC will put together a 10 minute presentation outlining our accomplishments and future plans.

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