Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting 3/03/14


Parkwood Park Committee

Meeting on March 3, 2014



Karna Candler

Sheri Kennedy

Joe Foley

Steve Elmore


  1. Review of Action Items for February Meeting

Action Items from the February Meeting were completed with the exception of three items:

— Sheri will discuss with Tammy raising the mower height;

— Steve needs to make a plan for an inventory of holes/pits in the Park;

— Steve needs to make plan for removing county-installed flume.

  1. Review of Budget for 2014  

Steve provided information related to the budget and funds available for Park-related activities.

The PGC Board has agreed to fully fund 20 visits for Park Maintenance (March through December) at a cost of $3,500.  In order to balance the PGC budget, some of the remaining Park Special Fund will need to be used.  Also, there are no other expenses budgeted for the Park (water, etc.) in the PGC budget and any expenses beyond the routine maintenance will need to be paid from the Park Special Fund, South Fork Conservancy Funds, or through raising additional funds.  As of March 3 the Park Special Fund has $1,907 which includes the second installment for DHCA of $1,500; South Fork funds stand at $3,028 after payment to Emmanual Johnson for tree work in the park.

  1. Plans for Replanting Southern End of Park at the Bypass.

Sheri reviewed the list of “wants” and “don’t wants” everyone submitted in preparation for meeting with Esther Stokes to discuss a plan for the southern end of the Park.  Steve requested that we look at the possibility of providing some “cover up” for the two large culverts – something like hanging vines.

Steve provided a map highlighting the area to be included in the plan.  The area has been expanded to begin at the rocky berm in front of Joe Foley’s house and wrap around the southern end of the Park to the entrance to Sheri’s Trail.  After some discussion, the area between the creek and Sheri’s Trail will be excluded from the plan.   Steve will adjust the map according.

Base on some preliminary discussions with Esther, it appears that this plan may be as much as $1,000.  A first draft of the plan should be ready in mid-July.

  1. Other Park Activities

Although Sheri has ordered and paid for many perennials, they have not yet arrived and she still needs to purchase several ferns and native azaleas.  Once they have arrived she will schedule a weekend to begin planting.

Once we have the new plants in the ground, Joe will reactivate the watering plan schedule.

Joe and Sheri continue to spray English Ivy and it appears to be working using standard home-owner products like Roundup.

  1. Park Projects

Next Sunday, March 9, the Committee will meet in the Park and inventory the holes that need to be filled.  The main concern is safety of visitors to the Park.

The idea of a bridge across the creek at a central location, such as near where Parkwood Lane end at East Parkwood Road was discussed.  Steve suggested building a smaller bridge first to test out some designs.  During the March 9 meeting in the Park, several sites will be reviewed.

Steve needs to get a small crew together to remove the county-installed flume.  He will contact Ryan Fagan, Dan Mallory, Tom Bell, and Bryan Bell to set up a date.

  1. Other Items

Sheri reminded everyone that the DHCA Tour of Homes is May 2, 3, and 4 and that we need to show our appreciation for their donations to the Park by volunteering for a shift at one of the houses.

Sheri discussed getting electronic copies of the pictures Rebecca Byrd has linked to the PGC website so that we will have them as part of the PPC / PGC archives.

Sheri has found us another resource, Daniel Ballard, who specializes in stream restoration.

Next Meeting: No meeting scheduled.


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