Minutes of Board of Directors’ Meeting, 1/14/13

Parkwood Garden Club
Board of Directors’ Minutes
January 14, 2013

The January 14, 2013 meeting of the Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) Board of Directors was held at 220 Upland Road in Decatur, GA.  The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm.  The following officers/committee chairs attended:  Tom Bell, Karna Candler, Bryan Bell, Steve Elmore, Scott McVeigh, Joanna Quillen and Patti Paulino.

Consent Agenda

  1. The November 12, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes were approved.
  2. The January Financial Report was approved.

President’s Report – Karna Candler

  1. The next PGC Board meeting will be held on Monday, March 11, 2013 at Karna’s house.
  2. The Druid Hills Tour of Homes will be April 19-21.  Two homes from our neighborhood (the Carters at 498 W Parkwood and the Galifianakis at 471 W. Parkwood) and the Parkwood Park will be featured.  Over 2,000 visitors are expected, so the PGC will need to make plans to maximize this opportunity.
  3. Karna appointed the following to the 2013 PGC Nominating Committee: Bryan Bell, Jim Paulino and Karna Candler.  The following 2013-2014 positions are vacant:  President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The following people are willing to continue in 2013-2014 in these specific capacities: Patti Paulino as Membership Committee Chair, Bryan as Webmaster, Steve Elmore as Parkwood Park Committee Chair, Karna Candler as Crime Alert Chair and Tom Bell as Civic Committee Chair.

Membership Committee

  1. The PGC Winter Party will be held at the Paulino’s house on Feb. 9, 6-9 PM. Dinner and sides, wine and beer are provided.  Guests will bring appetizer or dessert.
  2. The PGC currently has 104 members.

Civic Committee

  1. Bryan presented a report from the PGC crime task force.
  2. The Civic Committee is investigating ways to restrict traffic through the neighborhood, making auto break-ins and theft more difficult.
  3. Tom will check on where our neighborhood streets are on the DeKalb County “paving” list.
  4. Tom moves $240 be allocated for security.  Bryan seconds the motion.  All approve.  Tom will help Bryan install the security cameras and signs.  The Board agreed on the locations.
  5. The Civic Committee will purchase two larger wreaths and new bows before the holidays next year.

Parkwood Park Committee

  1. Karna will email PGC members to encourage volunteers to help spread mulch this coming Saturday.
  2. Another article will be published soon in the Druid Hills News which will include the history of Parkwood Park.
  3. The Parkwood Park Committee is purchasing a granite marker to be installed at the base of the Champion Sweet Gum tree.
  4. Beginning late January, a new company, Leitch will begin the maintenance of the grounds of the Park, the Traffic Circle and the East Lake Triangle.  This will cost an additional $1,725 in 2013.
  5. Tom moves the following:  The Board may assume the responsibility for providing funds to cover “refundable deposits” that may be required to rent or lease equipment that will be used to further the purposes of the Parkwood Garden Club or any of the authorized committees, provided:
    1. the Board or a Committee authorizes the use of the equipment,
    2. the Board approves funding the deposit,
    3. the amount is more than $100, and
    4. the amount deposited is fully refundable, or the Committee has available funds in its budget or other accounts to reimburse the Board for any amount retained from the deposit.

Steve seconds the motion.  All approve. This is needed now for the water meter rental.

  1. There will not be any spraying of ivy in the Park this spring.  Manual removal of ivy will continue.


  • Tom hasn’t yet received a quarterly report from South Fork Conservancy.
  • Tom asked the Parkwood Park Committee to use SFC funds as often as possible.
  • The 2012 PGC budget had a $444.19 surplus.
  • Bryan will be sure nothing is owed for the PGC website.
  • All three parties should spend a total of $1,000.  Even though there is a line item budgeted for each party, the Membership Committee has flexibility in how much is actually spent on each event.
  • Tom moves that the PGC Board approve the budget as presented.  Patti seconded the motion. All approve.
  • NOTE:  After the meeting adjourned, Tom emailed the following clarification: Attached is a .pdf file of the PGC Budget that we approved last night, with one minor change.  You will notice that the Income line for Dues is $4,680, vice $4,675.  Karna paid the additional $5.00 that one member was short in their dues check.  I forgot to make that change during our discussion. I added $5.00 to the Administrative Misc line, bringing it to $109.40. The respective totals for Income and Expenses are increased by $5.00 to $5,633.40.  My apologies for the error.  We can revote on the budget in March if you feel that it necessary. The approved proposed 2013 budget with these clarifications is at the end of these minutes.
  • Tom suggested the Board consider purchasing semi-permanent signs to advertise park workdays and the annual meeting at Epiphany.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45.  The next PGC Board meeting will be held on Monday, March 11, 2013 at Karna’s house.

Minutes submitted by Joanna Quillen, Secretary on January 16, 2013.

Parkwood Garden Club Approved Budget – 2013


Dues (104 members @ $45)    $ 4,680.00

Additional Contributions           $    500.00

2012 Carryover                           $    453.40

Total Income                 $ 5,633.40

Administrative Expenses
Property Taxes $              37.00
Insurance $              250.00
Annual Corp Registration $              30.00
Web Site $              25.00
P.O.Box $              52.00
Misc $              109.40
Total $              503.40

Parkwood Park Committee

Grounds Maintenance $             3,255.00
Water $             200.00
Total $             3,455.00

Membership Committee

Winter Party $              400.00
Summer Party $              300.00
Fall Street Party $              300.00
Directory Printing $              200.00
Flyers $              60.00
Neighbor Care $              100.00
Total $              1,360.00

Civic Committee

Holiday Decorations $            75.00
Security $            240.00
Total $            315.00
Total Expenses $            5,633.40

Reserve/Contingency Fund         $ 5,000.00


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