Minutes of Board of Directors’ Meeting 4/10/12

Parkwood Garden Club
Board of Directors’ Minutes
April 10, 2012

The April 10, 2012 meeting of the Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) Board of Directors was held at 220 Upland Road in Decatur, GA.  The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm.  The following officers/committee chairs attended:  Tom Bell, Karna Candler, Sheri Kennedy, Bryan Bell, Frances Galifianakis and Joanna Quillen.  Joe Dicks attended for his presentation only.

Parkwood Garden Club Logo Concept

Sheri Kennedy introduced neighbor Joe Dicks.  Joe and his son Ben Dicks, who is a graphic designer in NY, created Powl the Owl, a proposed concept/draft logo which was presented to the Parkwood Park Committee earlier in the month and selected to represent the Park and PGC.  The Parkwood Garden Club Board of Directors expressed unanimous support for further refinement and development of this logo.  Ben will now fine tune the logo and develop specifications for using the logo on signs in and around the Parkwood Park.  When the work is completed, Joe will present the final logo and sign specifications to the PGC Board for official approval.

Consent Agenda
The March 19, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as written.
The April 9 Financial Report was approved.  Changes were made to the April 9 Account Balances – 2012 as described in the Treasurer’s Report below.

 Treasurer’s Report – Tom Bell

  • Tom Bell moved that the PGC approve the unbudgeted, on-time expense of $20 to file the PGC Amended Articles of Incorporation.  This fee will be paid from the Administrative Miscellaneous line item.  Sheri seconded the motion.  There was no discussion and the motion passed.  Tom gave the check to Karna, to pass on to Scotty Candler IV to do the filing.
  • Tom Bell moved the following change in the PGC 2012 Budget: $40 be added to the newly created “Dues Received after of 1/1/12 (# of members at $40)” Income line item and $40 be added to the “Parkwood Park Committee Misc.” Expense line item. Joanna seconded the motion.  The group discussed the concept of budget amendments.  All approved the motion.

President’s Report – Karna Candler

  • Druid Hills Tour of Homes – The PGC has 11 people signed up to be docents at the Druid Hills Tour of Homes.  By reaching the required 7 volunteers, the Parkwood Garden Club will be listed as a sponsor and have a sign in front of one of the homes.
  • The Board discussed the agenda for the Parkwood Garden Club Annual meeting on Monday, May 14.  Here is the outline:
  1. Greetings from President KC and Announcements.
  2. Introduction of and thanks to this year’s Board/Committee Chairs
  3. Committee Reports with Slide Presentation: Tom (Finances), Sheri (Park) Bryan (Web and Civic), Frances (Social)
  4. Introduction and Election of next year’s Board/Committee Chairs – Karna
  5. Vote on By-Laws – Frances will summarize highlights, respond to previously submitted questions, answer questions from the floor and call for a vote.
  • Preparation for Annual Meeting
  1. Monday, May 7 – meet at Sheri Kennedy’s house at 7 PM to review power point presentation of committee reports.  Input needs to be given to Sheri by April 27.
  2. Frances will e-mail a by-laws summary to Board members by April 30 and receive feedback.
  3. By April 20, Karna will give the final slate of officers to Joanna.  Joanna will then e-mail the final slate of officers to all Board members for a vote.  Joanna will collect electronic votes and notify the Board as to election results.
  4. The Election Slate must be posted on the website by April 30.
  5. Bryan will remove the password protecting the Proposed By-Laws on the PGC website.
  6. Notification of the Annual Meeting must be e-mailed to all PGC members and posted on the PGC website by April 30.
  7. Notification of the posting of the By-Laws and Election Slate must be e-mailed to all PGC members and posted on the PGC website by April 30.
  8. In the notification of posting of By-Laws, members should be encouraged to submit all questions in writing to Karna by May 7th.
  9. Board members will organize simple refreshments for the meeting.

Vote to Remove Invasive Plants in Parkwood Park

Sheri moved that the PGC Board approve the hiring of Terry Sutton with Cascade Springs to begin the Parkwood Park invasive plant removal project, excluding creek banks.  Tom seconded the motion.  Discussion: Terry Sutton has a forestry background and specializes in identifying and removing invasive plants in parks. Terry is the go-to person in metro Atlanta for invasive plant removal, having worked with the Decatur Cemetery, Lullwater Park and the Olmstead Parks.  It takes a minimum of a 3 year commitment and at least $2,000 to have Terry remove 1 acre of invasive plants.  The first removal of one acre will cost $1200. This one acre is measured by plant coverage, not by actual ground.  Removal of these plants does not cause an erosion problem; indigenous plants will take over when invasive plants are removed.  Board members present personally committed $1200 to remove one acre of invasive plants.  The rest of the funds will be raised by the PPC, with support of the PGC, in October.  Fund raising will be much easier when everyone can see the huge difference made by removing one acre of invasive plants.  If approved, Steve Elmore and Sheri Kennedy will contact Terry and determine the best area, timeline and detailed expectations.  All approved.


Vote to Parkwood Garden Club Communication Policy

Joanna moved that the following policy be adopted by the Parkwood Garden Club:  All messages and attachments sent via PGC e-mail shall be for official PGC purposes only.  Confidential communications shall not be sent via e-mail.  All copyright laws shall be complied with when copied information is used (such as a quote or an article.) Note the source and give credit where appropriate.  The following shall not be included in official PGC e-mail:  political statements, solicitations, advertisements, sale notices, chain letters, personal jokes or other personal mail.  Bryan seconded the motion.  All approved.

Standing Committees

Parkwood Park Committee

The South Fork Conservancy (SFC) voted to allow donations to be directed to the Parkwood Park.  These donations would be tax deductible since the SFC is a 501c3 organization, would carry a 5% administrative fee, and could only be used for projects in the Parkwood Park which are in sync with the SFC mission like erosion control, building a bridge or invasive plant removal.  The Parkwood Garden Club Board of Directors will vote on establishing an official relationship with the South Fork Conservancy when final details have been arranged.

Communication/Civic Committee

Bryan Bell and Paul Thompson continue to work on developing a simple communication plan with guidelines for routine information and for emergencies.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.  The next meeting will be held on June 11, 2012, 7 PM at 220 Upland Road.

Issues for this or future meetings include the following:

  • Neighborhood Watch – Christie Kennedy is our neighborhood’s Neighborhood Watch liaison.  What is the Neighborhood Watch’s relationship to the Parkwood Garden Club? How is crime reported and communicated through the Neighborhood Watch? Could  PGC e-mail support the Neighborhood Watch?
  •  PGC website content guidelines
  • PGC Facebook page?
  • PGC relationship with South Fork Conservancy
  • Update on invasive plant removal project
  • Powl the Owl and signs for Parkwood Park

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