Parkwood Park Committee Meeting Minutes of 03/06/12

Parkwood Park Committee Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2012 

In Attendance:
Joe Dicks
Karna Candler
Jim Jarboe
Steve Elmore
Sheri Kennedy
Jim Kennedy
Rebecca Kerimbaev
Tom Bell

1. W Ponce Project

Inlet Drainage area:  Sheri talked with Stone Center and received an estimate of $200 for rocks for drainage area at W Ponce. The estimate does not include the flume area.  The rocks are less expensive at Atlanta Landscape but they are currently out of stone.  We will look to start this project in April.

Parkwood Park Sign:  Karna shared three estimates from local sign companies and all were very close in price.  She recommended Advantage Graphics and Sign because of their professionalism and they specialized more in graphic design than the other sign companies.  The cost of the aluminum post with scroll and finial, aluminum double sided sign, tax and installation is approximately $1300.   The sign will be a smaller version of the Olmsted Park signs on Ponce de Leon.   An additional charge of $45 for the first 1/2 hour and $1.50 per minute will apply for the graphics design.

Rebecca mentioned an artist friend of hers who is a member of the Audubon Society is creating a design for the sign.  He created a design for another park. Joe Dicks also said he would try and create a design by the next PPC meeting in April.

Rebecca is donating the sign for the park in memory of her father.  He was very much a naturalist and she wanted to honor him with this donation.

2. Invasive Plant Removal

February 18 workday was very successful with over 25 people volunteering to continue to remove invasive plants.

Rebecca has native plants from last years Georgia Native Plant society plant rescues she is donating to the park.  Sheri proposed that we plant as many as possible in the new E Parkwood Path area after the ivy is removed.  Sheri proposed we use this area as a proof of concept and remove the ivy and create a high level planting plan. The trails will allow walkers to see the plants and easily read the plant signs.

Champion Tree Marker:  Sheri will research proposal for a marker for the Champion Tree that can be placed in the ground as well as on the tree.  (NOTE:  Sheri talked with Ruby Bock from Woodlands and she said to look at a Champion Tree designation much like a Super Bowl winner.  Once the tree is designated it will ALWAYS be the Champion tree for that year.)

Native Plant Markers:  Sheri presented an example of a plant marker used at Woodlands.  The committee decided the price was right ($1.00 per marker).  Woodlands uses a label maker with a white label with black writing for their markers.

Sheri will see about ordering 20 markers for our park.

3. Paths

Sheri ordered mulch for the new E Parkwood trail. (NOTE:  The mulch arrived the next day–Thanks Appleseed Tree Service!  Tom Bell has already mulched about 1/2 of the trail!)

Steve created a detailed proposal for a bridge from the new E Parkwood trail to the W Parkwood trail for the Eagle Scout Council.   Jeff Hayden with HaydenScapes is taking the proposal to the council.  (NOTE:  Jeff emailed me and is meeting with one of the scouts about the possibility of taking on the project).

Steve committed to contact the bridge company and get details about cost, type of wood, shipping time/cost etc for our April meeting.

Joe Dicks agreed to check the code for the type of railing that may need to be used, Georgia waterways code and verify we are able to build the bridge over the sewer line and report at the April meeting.

Rock Crossing:  Jim added some additional stone steps at the rock crossing.  At this time we all agreed the current crossing allows passage from East to West paths.  We will just keep the rock crossing idea on our list but agreed not to continue to pursue at this time.

Trail Markers:  Joe presented the group his proposal for a trail marker (design attached). Joe has a 10’, 6” treated wood post in his back yard just waiting to become trail markers for the park.  Joe, Tom and Steve will work to cut and paint the markers (white) before the next meeting.  We will discuss exactly where to place them in order to mark the trail but not impede Geigerscapes from cutting the grass.

4.  Park Maintenance

Sheri confirmed the cost of the tree/limb removal from Tony’s Tree Service of $600.  We still have some trees marked for limb removal. Sheri will document these on a list and remove the orange tape (after the wedding!!).

Sheri updated everyone on the proposal to the PGC board to pay for maintenance type work from the PGC funds and not from park donations.  The Board originally included $260 for park expenses for 2011/2012.   If funds become available from other area of the budget, the Board will determine if these funds can then be moved to help pay for the tree work.  Until that time Tom took the funds from the Geigerscapes budget.

5. Park Donations and Budget Update

South Fork Conservancy:  Sheri and Jim talked with George Ickes who is the Administrator for both the Olmsted Parks and the South Fork Conservancy.  George indicated the South Fork Board is in discussion to allow donations to the park through their 501(c)3 organization.   South Fork would charge a 5% administration fee.  Sheri will follow-up with George for status.  South Fork will not be involved in the day to day decision making for the park but would allow people to make a designated tax deductible donation to the park.

Budget:  Sheri covered the budget.  Tom Bell reminded me Frances Galifianakis made a $20 donation at the last Board meeting.  Frances was rewarded for picking up trash around the park by finding a $20 bill.

You, too, can be rewarded for reading these minutes.  If you send Sheri an email indicating the minutes were read and approved you will automatically be entered in a lottery drawing for some incredibly amazing prize at the next PPC meeting.  🙂


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