Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 02/07/12

Parkwood Park Committee Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2012

In Attendance:
Karna Candler
Steve Elmore
Sheri Kennedy
Averill Jones
Jim Jarboe
Jim Kennedy

1. W Ponce Project

Drainage Project: Sheri presented a proposal to resolve the drainage area near the inlet at W Ponce de Leon. Jeff Hayden, landscaper and contractor with Haydenscapes, recommended lowering the current drainage area, adding pond boulders and plants between the boulders. The adjacent area will be raised to help route water to the drainage area. He also recommended completing this area monitor for issues before creating a second area near the fence. Sheri is researching plant recommendations. Sheri will measure and take photos to Atlanta Landscape in order to get a better idea of the amount of rock needed so we can better estimate the project. The current proposed budget is $300 to include boulders, plants, and dirt.

Park Sign: Karna met with Lakeside Signs, Inc. in Lilburn for a sign recommendation for the Park. We have three proposals.

A. A sign much like the ones in the Olmsted Parks but on a smaller scale. The sign will be attached to a black aluminum pole made to look like wrought iron. Two sign materials were recommended. The estimates below include an 8 foot pole with finial and scroll work, a 3 ft. x 2 ft. sign that can be seen from both sides and installation.

a. Routed PVC – $1645
b. Painted Aluminum – $1287

Jim did not recommend aluminum based on his experience with real estate signs.

B. The third option is a bronze plaque that will hang from the fence. The cost was over $2000 and the committee felt a sign more in keeping with the Olmsted Parks would be more appropriate.

The art department can help create a proposal for a logo for $35 per hour.

Karna will continue to meet with other sign companies for additional estimates.

Deepdene Plant List: Sheri did obtain the Deepdene plant list. Deepdene plants include native plants to Georgia. Woodlands plant list includes native plants from the Georgia Piedmont area only.

2. Invasive Plant Removal and Native Plant Identification

Because of what appears to be an early spring, the committee decided to host a work day on Saturday, February 18. Steve will check with the chainsaw guys on their availability. We will tackle the invasive plants and English Ivy on the trees.

Native Plant Donations – Sheri has 6 common reed plants to donate to the culvert area and all agreed to have that planted in the next week.

Rebecca has a number of plants to donate. We need to coordinate with Rebecca to get them planted in the next few weeks. We also want to make sure the plants are labeled. A brief discussion was held on plant markers but no real decision made. Sheri proposed we used the metal plant markers and a label maker for the name. In order to be able to better see the plant marker, use a wooden stake painted yellow. Steve had two proposals for plant markers. Sheri will talk with Ruby at Woodlands for suggestions. Sheri will add as an agenda item for the March meeting.

Rebecca marked the Champion Tree. Sheri will add to the agenda a proposal for a Champion tree plaque to mark our tree.

3. Paths

E Parkwood Path Proposal: Steve shared a detailed drawing of the creek, paths and sewer pipes in the park. Steve spent several hours in the park documenting the details of the paths and creek.  The drawing can be used for several future projects—overall planting plan, path enhancements etc.

Steve shared a proposal for a new E Parkwood Path near the By-Pass.  The path is marked and needs to be cut and mulched.  Steve also shared a proposal for how the path could be connected to the rest of the park with a bridge for a future project.  The bridge will be approximately 25 feet.

Steve and Jim K will determine a future date to cut the path once we have access to the bush hog.  Once the path is cut, we will ask local tree services for mulch.

Rock Crossing:  Sheri and Steve met with Dennis Begner with Above the Hedges for an estimate to create a boulder crossing much like the one in Deepdene Park.  Dennis gave a verbal estimate of $350 for rock and $350 for labor.  The following Saturday after the big rain storm, we decided the boulders might not work and that we will need something more substantial.

Sheri met with Jeff Hayden of Haydenscapes after the rainstorm and he suggested a way to secure the boulders in the event of a heavy rain.  Sheri checked with Michael O’Shield and Michael Anderson from DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management and both indicated that we could add the boulder crossing as long as we did not change the flow of the creek or create a dam.  Sheri will contact Jeff for an estimate for the crossing.

Trail Markers – we decided to discuss trail markers at the next meeting.

4. Park Maintenance

Sheri presented proposals from 3 Tree Services to fell the dead tree as well as remove limbs and small trees along E Parkwood and the By-Pass.

Tony’s Tree Service – approx $600 (I forgot to get an estimate on one tree limb.  Current proposal is $550.)
Trees Over Georgia – $815
Odd Jobs- $3000 (a crane would be used on the dead tree and would be cut and lowered pieces at a time)

All tree services were insured.  We agreed to hire Tony’s Tree Service. (NOTE: Sheri contacted Tony and he is currently scheduled for Friday, February 17.)

We also discussed a proposal to the PGC officers that all tree work be considered maintenance work and be paid for by the PGC funds and not from park donations.  Sheri will discuss at the February PGC Board meeting.

5. Budget Update

We discussed changes to the budget based on the unplanned work at W Ponce de Leon.    The following updates were agreed to by the PPC.

Description Income Proposed Expense Total Expense Balance
PGC Funds *maintenance $260.00 $260.00
Treework $600.00 -$340.00
Park Donations * enhancements $2000.58 $2000.58
W Ponce Planting $740.95 $1259.63
W Ponce Drainage $300.00 $959.63
W Ponce Grass $250.00 $709.63
Water $200.00 $509.63

NOTE: Herbicides and Park work days would be funded with PPC donations.


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