Minutes of Officer Meeting of 11/10/10

Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) Officer Meeting
November 10, 2010

In Attendance:
Katie Black, President
Karna Candler
Bryan Bell, Civic Co-Chair
Rebecca Kerimbaev, Communications Co-Chair
Bolot Kerimbaev, Communications Co-Chair
Bev Greene, Treasurer
Frances Finegan, Neighbor Care Chair
Mary K. Jarboe, Secretary

  1. By-Laws
    1. In talking with a lawyer and an accountant, Katie has learned that there is a specific way by-laws must read in order to get tax exempt status. Katie distributed copies of our existing constitution and by-laws with hand-written changes she had made to update them. She indicated that this is only a starting point and other things will need to be added based on earlier discussions. There was general agreement that this would be a good way to proceed. Appreciation was expressed for the work done by the by-laws committee.
    2. Action Item: Katie will meet with the accountant on November 16 at 2 p.m. to determine what specific clauses are needed for tax exempt status and to review our existing constitution and by-laws. Anyone who would like to go with her is welcome.
  2. Tax Exempt Status
    1. The accountant Katie has contacted indicated that he thinks we can file to be a 501(c)(3) corporation. This status is only important if we decide to apply for grants for work on the park. If we become a 501(c)(3), contributions are tax deductible. The accountant also indicated that if our revenues are under $20,000 per year we are all right as is.
    2. Action Items:
      1. Katie will get a cost estimate on filing to become a 501(c)(3). She will also determine what paper work is necessary.
      2. Katie will contact the Lullwater Garden Club about their tax status and insurance coverage. Karna indicated that someone from Lullwater had suggested that we pursue membership in the Garden Club of Georgia.
  3. Insurance
    1. Frances spoke with our broker about our insurance coverage. He will be glad to speak with the officers. Frances had our status changed from “other than not for profit” to “not for profit.” This change will not affect our premium. Various liability issues concerning the park were discussed.
    2. Action Item: Karna will talk with Scotty about various liability issues.
  4. Budget
    1. Katie presented a budget proposal based upon anticipated revenue from memberships, mandatory (fixed) expenditures, and regular (not fixed) expenditures. We currently have 70 households as members. Rebecca distributed a list of last year’s members who have not joined this year. Those present agreed to follow up with those who have not joined yet. They must join before December 1 in order to be in the directory. The group reviewed the budget proposal and agreed that it is tight but doable. Karna emphasized the need for separate accounting for park donations. She also stated that those funds should not go toward routine park maintenance (Geigerscapes).
    2. Rebecca reported that the e-mail reply issue has been resolved.
    3. Action items:
      1. Rebecca and Katie will talk about directory issues.
      2. A budget for park donations will be made after we determine if membership goals have been met.
  5. Holiday Party
    1. Karna has approached several people about hosting the party. She is waiting for one response. Bryan offered his home. They have a large covered porch. It was suggested that heavy hors d’oeuvres and finger foods be served in order to make it easier to accommodate a large group. Sunday, December 12, was suggested as the date. Members of the party committee will be Bryan, Christie, Katie, Bev, and Eric.
    2. Action Item: Bryan will talk with Christie to confirm their house as the location.
  6. DeKalb Neighborhood Summit and Green Expo 2010Katie will attend the DeKalb Neighborhood Summit and Green Expo 2010 on Saturday, November 13. It is an opportunity to learn about funding opportunities for neighborhood projects and how Park Pride can help.
  7. Parkwood ParkPlans for the clean-up on November 13 were discussed. Sheri Kennedy and Jim Jarboe are splitting the cost of a chipper. They will be reimbursed if we get funds from the Druid Hills Civic Association.
  8. Civic Committee
    1. Bryan reported that nothing has happened yet on the train whistle issue. He is looking into pothole repair and has a call in to someone who can rate our roads in terms of priority for repair. Downed street signs should be up in the next few days. Bryan has compiled a list of houses which need to have shrubbery trimmed from sidewalks in order to make them more user-friendly. He would like to have a group of volunteers clean sidewalks one morning. DeKalb engineering officials are looking at the guard rail issue at East Lake. Bryan and Christie have also been pursuing limiting traffic to neighbors only from 9 to 5. Bryan and Jim Jarboe are looking at placing holiday wreaths at entrances to the Parkwoods. At this time, the only foreseeable expense is ribbon. Karna can get it at a discount. Bryan and Christie plan to look at the rat issue at a later date. Frances suggested adding sidewalk repair to the list of concerns.
    2. Action Items:
      1. Katie will send out an e-mail explaining the garden club project to clear the sidewalks.
      2. Those present volunteered to talk with home owners on Bryan’s list to ask about trimming shrubs, etc. Their responses will be sent to Bryan.
      3. Bryan will schedule a sidewalk work day and recruit volunteers.
  9. WebsiteRebecca and Bolot gave a preview of the new website. They plan to rotate pictures of the most recent events. Plans for information to be included and tabs were reviewed. No personal information from members will be included. Calendar capabilities and other features were demonstrated. The website should be ready in 2 – 3 weeks. It was decided that the official announcement will be made at the holiday party. Directories will also be distributed then. Everyone expressed their appreciation to Rebecca and Bolot for their work on this project.

Mary K. Jarboe


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