Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 09/20/10

Parkwood Garden Club — Parkwood Park Committee (PPC) Meeting
September 20, 2010

In Attendance:
Karna Candler
Steve Elwood
Jim Jarboe
Sheri Kennedy, PPC Chair & VP of PGC
Jim Kennedy

  1. Communication Plan and meeting schedule: While we did not create a formal communication plan, we did agree to send notification to the neighborhood for the Parkwood Park clean up day scheduled for October 16 from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m.NOTE: I have since emailed with Katie B and we are trying to get 2010-2011 Membership form, the Park Clean up, and Fall Party notifications completed so we can not only email but also hand deliver to everyone in the neighborhood.  Hope to have drafts to you first part of next week.  May send out a ‘save the date’ to the neighborhood before then — just depends on how quickly we can get all the invites and notifications together.
  2. Projects:
    1. Parkwood Park maintenance:Committee agreed to schedule a maintenance day for Saturday, October 16 with a rain date of Saturday, October 23.  Volunteers can help anytime from 8 a.m. until 12 noon.  Work will include removing the invasive plants and trash around the perimeter of the Park.
      1. The perimeter will be divided into different areas based on street address.  The plants will be marked with a red (bad) tag if need to be removed.  Some plants may be marked as green (good).  Other work may just be described on the to-do list for each area.  Each area will be assigned a supervisor to help answer questions and show people what to do.
        NOTE: We have a date scheduled with Ruby Bock to begin marking the invasive plants for Tuesday, October 5.  The exact time will be determined later but will be after lunch.
      2. Keep Dekalb Beautiful. Amber and I have an appointment Tuesday morning at 8:30 to review the area and determine supplies and sanitation pick-up.  KDB can also provide vests for folks (since we will be working near the roads) as well as compost and biodegradable lawn debris bags.  Will keep you posted.
    2. Traffic Circle and Traffic Triangle at East Lake. May include some clean up on the Traffic Circle the October 16 weekend.  At this time will keep both on the radar for future landscaping.
  3. Long Term Projects:
    1. Tree Maintenance: All agreed this would be a big budget item as several smaller trees needed to be removed on E Parkwood Rd and larger trees need limbs removed.
    2. W Ponce de Leon Ave project: Tabled for now until the neighborhood meeting is planned for November.
    3. Parkwood Park – the future: Will schedule a neighborhood wide meeting to share the history of Parkwood Park as well as conduct group discussions on the future.  Tentative dates for the meeting are Nov. 4 and Nov. 9.
      NOTE: I have emailed Robert Ballou about reserving a room at the Episcopal Church on East Lake but haven’t heard back from him yet.  Will keep you posted.
    4. Additional Discussion items:
      1. Budget: we decided until we better understood the long term plan for the Park we would table the discussion for now.
      2. Traffic circle and traffic triangle on East Lake: Will also keep these spaces in mind when looking at long term plans.

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