Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 01/02/12

Parkwood Park Committee Meeting Minutes
January 2, 2012

In Attendance:
Jim Jarboe
Karna Candler
Sheri Kennedy, Park Committee Chair, Vice President, and notetaker
Steve Elmore

W Ponce Project

Sheri will get rock samples for the PPC to review in order to create a drainage area from the inlet on W Ponce. The project will be scheduled once the rock type is approved.

Karna will work with Rebecca on designing a sign for W Ponce de Leon. Sheri will find the minutes from an old PGC meeting minutes describing the sign that was originally proposed in the 60-70’s.

Sheri is trying to get a list of plants from the Deepdene planting plan and has contacted George Ickes.

Invasive Plant Removal and Native Plant Identification

Karna will contact Rebecca about interest in creating a plan/project to remove the English Ivy, future Native Plant identification and labeling the Sweetgum Champion Tree in the park. Karna will also ask Rebecca to give us a list of the native plants she wanted to donate so we can decide where they can be planted.

At this time we don’t have any neighborhood wide work days scheduled but will continue to work in the park to remove the smaller invasive plants.

Steve will work with Dan Mallory and Ryan Fagan (chainsaw team) to remove left over stumps and the remaining hollies from the park.

Sheri will contact Keep DeKalb Beautiful to return the remaining vests.


Steve proposed an additional path on E Parkwood near the cut through. The path will allow access to the creek and is marked with orange stakes. Additional work will need to be completed on the fallen trees to allow access from the existing E Parkwood path. At this time we are asked to take time to view the proposed path. Steve will talk with the chain saw team about what can be done with the existing fallen trees. Karna asked that we leave some of the fallen tree debris for the wildlife.

Sheri proposed hiring someone to build a rock crossing at the existing crossing area of the creek. She has the name of two companies (one did the work at Deepdene) and requested permission to get estimates from this project.

Park Maintenance

Steve and Sheri will review the originally approved tree/limb removal on E Parkwood and the cut through to prioritize the work. One dead tree at the W Parkwood Path entrance near the cut through has been identified and the proposal is to ‘top’ the tree to remove the dead and falling branches. The entire park will be reviewed for other dead trees that may need to be addressed for safety reasons.

Overall Park Plan

Sheri will contact Ruby Bock with Woodlands Garden about creating an overall park plan. At this time the committee would like a high level long term plan before any extensive amounts of ivy are removed. Once we have a plan, then we can determine what areas to tackle first.


The following budget items were agreed upon by the PPC: PGC Funds – $260 (to be used for maintenance purposes) PPC Donations – $2000.58 (to be used for park and traffic circle enhancements)

Description Proposed Expense Total Expense Balance
PGC Funds $260.00
Herbicide $20 per bottle $200 $60.00
Work Days drinks, food $60
Park Donations $2000.58
W Ponce Initial Planting $740.95 $1259.63
W Ponce Drainage area $100.00 $1159.63
W Ponce Grass $200.00 $959.634
W Ponce Ferns, Perennials $100.00 $859.63
W Ponce and Traffic
Circle Water
5 months @ $30
plus water
$200 $659.63


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