Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 11/01/11

Parkwood Garden Club Parkwood Park Committee Meeting
November 1, 2011

In Attendance:
Sheri Kennedy, Park Committee Chair, Vice President, and notetaker
Karna Candler
Steve Elmore
Averill Jones

Averill Jones joined our committee meeting and is interested in joining the committee.

  1. Traffic Circle Project Status — Sheri
    Camille and I visited the Stone Center  today and she approved our boulder selection. Sheri will visit the Stone Center and purchase the stones and make arrangements for delivery.
    Sheri is meeting with Dennis Begner, with Above the Hedges on Wednesday 11/2 to review the site and schedule a date/time for the boulder and tree installation.
    Karna reviewed the watering plan for 2012 with the meter and adapter we can use with a fire hydrant. We pay a $600 deposit, $28/month rental and $2.50 per 1000 gallons of water. Hopefully the rental will not need to begin until next year. After planting the plants we will need to water in by borrowing a neighbor’s hose or using a rain barrel.
    Sheri and Camille completed the plant shopping today. Currently we may be looking at being $100 ($1865) over what we currently have donated and in the bank ($1765) but are still under the original budget of $2100.
  2. W Ponce de Leon Project Status — Sheri
    With 2/3 of the memberships received, we have $1595 in donations. After all the memberships are received, we will determine how to allocate the funds and what steps to take on planting the W Ponce area.
  3. Plant Identification — Rebecca (not able to attend)
    Sheri will talk with Rebecca this weekend to determine if she is available to identify the hollies, if not then Sheri will check with Ruby and see if she has some time to train/identify the plants so we can get the invasive hollies removed during the next work day.
    Sheri will also talk with Rebecca about identifying and marking any other plants and especially the Champion Tree. If Rebecca is not available, EcoAddendum will help with native plant identification for a $50 donation. We may need to do some up front work before the visit and they suggested we wait until next spring to get the most for our donation.
  4. Invasive Plant Removal — Steve
    We will try and tackle the removal of the larger hollies during the next work day. Sheri will start cutting the other remaining invasive plants as time permits over the next few weeks.
  5. Paths — Joe Dicks
    Sheri is checking with one of the neighbors that owns rental property in the neighborhood to see if he is willing to move some of the chips to the W Parkwood side so we can spread the chips on the next workday.
    Sheri will spread the chips at E Parkwood and W Ponce at the W Ponce area. Karna and Averill would like chips for their yard. If we are not able to move the chips then we will just send out a message to the neighborhood to take the chips so we can get rid of them for the winter.
  6. Work Day
    We are currently thinking about November 12 or December 3 as the next work day. Sheri is going to check with the chain saw guys for availability. Once we determine when the traffic circle will be planted as well as chain saw guys availability, then we will determine the best date for the next work day.
    The big target for the work day:
    Finish the chips!
    Cut the hollies and other invasive plants
    Work on drainage ditch at the W Ponce area (need to purchase rocks)
  7. Communications/Website — Rebecca
    Rebecca is out of town and not able to attend the meeting. Sheri will follow up with Rebecca to update website.
    A. Thermometer to reflect the current request for donations for both the traffic circle and the W Ponce area and add verbage to better describe how the donations are used.
    B. Move the 2010/2011 Friends or have a link to them and create 2011/2012 Friends based on the October 1 work day and current donations.
    C. Update photos for October 1 workday
    D. Determine when neighbors are notified of postings on the website.
    E. Labeling of Champion Tree and small article (DHN-Lullwater Garden)
    F. Update before, during, and after photos of the traffic circle. (hopefully)

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