Minutes of Officer Meeting of 10/11/11

Parkwood Garden Club
Board of Directors’ Minutes
October 11, 2011

The October 11, 2011 meeting of the Parkwood Garden Club Board of Directors was held at 220 Upland Road in Decatur, GA.  The meeting was called to order at 7:10.  The following officers/committee chairs attended:  Tom Bell, Karna Candler, Sheri Kennedy, Frances Galifianakis and Joanna Quillen

Consent Agenda
The September 13 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as amended.
The September 13, 2011 Financial Report was approved and filed, subject to audit.

Treasurer’s Report – Tom Bell

  • If all budgeted funds for 2011 are spent, the PGC will end the year with a $28.49 deficit.
  • The Fall Party committee is counting on a budget of $300.  The 2011 budget is $200. (The 2012 Fall Party budget is $300, which is probably the source of the confusion. If the Fall Party costs more than $200, this money will be taken from the Holiday Party budget.
  • As of Oct. 10, ten (10) membership renewals had been received with $485 in donations.
  • Karna will have a table at the fall party to facilitate neighbors paying their annual dues.

President’s Report – Karna Candler

  • Tom Bell discovered debris from a concrete cleanup dumped on the West Parkwood side of the bank of the creek.  Tom took photographs of wheelbarrow tracks coming out of the park and the yellow tape on a driveway surrounding a recent concrete pouring of an apron.  In her capacity as President of the Parkwood Garden Club, which owns this land, Karna contacted the property owners with the yellow tape about cleaning up the debris.  Karna will let us know at the next meeting how this issue has been resolved.
  • Board members received the completed version of the PROPOSED By-Laws via e-mail from the By-Law Committee (Sheri Kennedy, Karna Candler, Joanna Quillen and Scotty Candler IV) on October 8.  Joanna will resend the Proposed By-Laws to all of the Board members as soon as possible, asking that everyone e-mail points of discussion to Joanna no later than Nov. 1.  Joanna and Karna will collect all comments and suggestion and send them out to Board members for review before the meeting.  Board members should be prepared to discuss the proposed by-laws at the November PGC Board meeting.  The Board will vote on the by-laws in January and the PGC membership will vote on the by-laws in May.

Secretary’s Report – Joanna Quillen

Joanna asked that Board members give her guidance as to what detail be included in the monthly Board meeting minutes.  Board members concurred that minutes should give the following information:  the date, time and place of the meeting, who attended the meeting, Board decisions with accompanying vote count, meeting outline and updates to reports.

Action Items

  • Tom moves that PGC committee chairs forward any information they wish to be posted on the website directly to the webmaster.  The secretary will forward minutes to the webmaster after Board approval.  Frances seconded the motion.  All voted in favor of the motion, so the motion passed.
  • Sheri Kennedy moves that the Board approve the Parkwood Park Committee renting one water meter for the fire hydrant and that the fire hydrant be the watering source for the new plants.  Tom seconded the motion. Discussion:  the meter will cost $28 per month and $2.50 per 1000 gallons of water.  We can request a free adapter that will allow us to use a garden hose instead of a fire hose.  The meter has a key and would require a $600 refundable deposit. All approved the motion so it passed.

Standing Committees – Additions to Reports

Neighbor Care  – Frances led the discussion of the Fall Block Party, which will be held on Oct. 22.  The chairs of this party need a more accurate count of how many will be attending so that they know how much Barbeque to purchase.  They also need volunteers to setup and break down.  Frances will let them know that Karna is willing to put a sign in her yard encouraging attendance.  Karna will contact Adie, and copy Frances, with a recommendation for the location of the Holiday Party.

Civic Committee – Bryan Bell was out of town, but reported that the telephone poll removal looks to be complete.

Parkwood Park Committee – Sheri Kennedy

To read Sheri Kennedy’s full update report on the Parkwood Park Committee’s activities over the last month, click on the following PDF file. PPC October Minutes

  • The PPC is no longer responsible for road and curb repairs.  Sheri has given all contact information for the DeKalb County officials who spearhead these areas to Bryan and Christie Bell.  Curb and road repairs will now be coordinated by the Civic Committee.
  • Sheri Kennedy reported that the mulching on the west side of the park has been completed. 
  • In preparation for planting the East Lake traffic circle, the Parkwood Park Committee will remove the perennials in the traffic circle. Neighbors are welcome to bring a shovel and take any plants wanted (mostly sun-loving day lilies and spider lilies.)  On Sunday, October 16, the PPC will remove the remaining plants and donating them to a plant sale for Woodlands Garden. Ruby Bock, Manager at Woodlands has volunteered her time to helping with plant identification in the park.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 7 PM at 220 Upland Road.  The primary topic for this meeting will be the Proposed Parkwood Garden Club By-laws.  Issues for this or future meetings include the following:

  • Policy for dealing with concrete or trash dumped in the park/ravine
  • Approval of the installation of the plants in the park.
  • What triggers a “new posting” e-mail?  How will the neighborhood know when reports/minutes have been posted on the website?
  • Final budget, after dues are received.

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