Minutes of Officer Meeting of 9/13/11

Parkwood Garden Club
Officers’ Meeting Minutes
Board of Directors’ Minutes
September 13, 2011

The September 13, 2011 meeting of the Parkwood Garden Club Officers was held at 220 Upland Road in Decatur, GA.  The meeting was called to order at 7:10.  The following officers/committee chairs attended:  Tom Bell, Karna Candler, Sheri Kennedy, Bryan Bell, Frances Galifianakis and Joanna Quillen

Consent Agenda
The August 9 Officers’ Meeting Minutes were approved as written.
The September 13, 2011 Financial Report was approved and filed, subject to audit.

President’s Report – Karna Candler

  • Karna thanked the following people for their hard work over the summer during the Monday workdays in the park:  Cindy Bell, Tom Bell, Steve Elmore, Rebecca Karimbaev, Jim Kennedy, Sheri Kennedy, and Sharon LeMaster.
  • Karna thanked the following people for the sidewalk clean-up campaign:  Bryan Bell, Tom Bell,  Steve Elmore,  David Hill,  and Dan Mallory.
  • Board members will receive the completed version of the By-Laws from the By-Law Committee at least 2 weeks before our November Board meeting.  Board members should be prepared to discuss them at the November PGC board meeting.  The Board will vote on the by-laws in January and the PGC membership will approve the by-laws in May.
  • Karna received an email on 9/12 from Judd Owen of Garrett Goebel’s campaign for City of Decatur School Board Distict 1, requesting permission for Garrett to attend a PGC meeting this Fall and address the members.  Since there will be no neighborhood wide PGC meeting this Fall, the answer is no.  Board members reiterated the importance of avoiding any suggestion that the PGC supports any political candidate.
  • The Parkwood Garden Club’s official address is now the following

Parkwood Garden Club, Inc.
PO Box 3472
Decatur, GA 30031-3472

Karna, Tom and Joanna now have keys to this post office box.

  • David Rotenstein still hasn’t presented the PGC with a proposal to do the National Register work which he discussed at the August Board meeting.
  • Sheri will invite Commissioner Jeff Rader, his assistant Caroline Enloe and Nancy Smith of Roads and Drainage to the next Parkwood Park neighborhood-wide meeting to thank them for their help with redoing the fencing/riprap at the entrance to the Parkwoods on W. Ponce de Leon and continued work on roads and drainage.

 Action Items
2012 Budget: Tom Bell moved to accept the Proposed budget with the following changes, subject to membership drive results:

  • Add – PO Box ($42), Civic (Holiday Decorations, $75)
  • Remove – Welcome Packages
  • Decrease – Misc to $133
  • Create separate line items for Grounds, with Giegerscapes ($1530) and Park Committee maintenance ($260)

Frances seconded the motion.  All voted aye, so the motion carried.

Park Funds Outside of Annual Budget: Tom Bell moved to remove the following items from the budget:  Projected Park Donations (income), Park Fund Carryover (income), W. Park Project (expense) and Traffic Circle (expense.)  Bryan Bell seconded the motion.  Discussion:  All income for the park is in the form of designated gifts, separate from Garden Club dues.  The amount raised directly impacts the amount of money available to be spent on the park.  These funds will be accounted for outside of the annual budget.  This motion was unanimously approved.

Welcome Letter:  Joanna Quillen moved that the letter written by Frances Galifianakis be approved as the official communication from the Parkwood Garden Club to new residents.  Tom Bell seconded the motion.  All approved.

Planting Plan:  Bryan Bell moves that the Parkwood Garden Club Board approve the planting plan as presented by Sheri Kennedy, but does not approve the installation until a watering plan is approved by the Board.  Sheri seconded the motion.  Discussion:  All new plants will need to be watered for a least one year, some will even need to be watered for two years.  Suggested methods included rain barrels, fire hydrants and Gator canvas bags.  Having enough volunteers to water will be the big challenge.  All approved the motion. 

Prune Trees, Tom moved that the following motion be taken off of the table and all approvedJoanna Quillen moved that Parkwood Park Committee members be authorized to prune and/or cut the trees as marked by Steve Elmore and Sheri Kennedy around the cut through to the Parkwoods and by the park on E. Parkwood Rd. Bolot seconded the motion.  Discussion: Sheri said that the Parkwood Park Committee has now approved the selection of plans for pruning and cutting.  All approved the motion.

Emergency Fund, Tom moved that the motion from last month be taken off of the table and replaced with the following motion:  Requests for disbursement of funds shall be made in writing (e-mail is sufficient) to the treasurer and will include documentation justifying the transaction (receipts, invoice, etc.).  The treasurer shall have the authority to disperse funds that are within the guidelines of the approved budget. Expenditures outside the approved budget shall require a majority approval of the Board.  In an emergency situation (potential or real injury to person or property), the President (or in his/her absence, the Vice-President) shall poll the Directors by any means possible (phone, e-mail, in person) to obtain consensus and shall have the authority to approve an emergency expenditure if the majority of those Directors contacted approve. All approved taking the motion off of the table and substituting the above motion.  Sheri seconded the motion.  Discussion:  Karna said that this is the language which has been put into the proposed By-Laws which will be presented to the Board in November.  Frances believes that the President should be permitted to use his/her discretion in an emergency without being required to contact anyone.  All voted in favor of the motion except Frances who was opposed.  The motion carried.

Standing Committees – Additions to Reports

Communications Committee – Rebecca and Bolot Kerimbaev did not attend the meeting due to a death in their family.  Board members created the following membership drive plan:  On October 3, Karna, Joanna, Frances, Tom and Bryan will hand deliver a stapled “pack” to each family in the Parkwood neighborhood, which will include a self-addressed envelope (Tom), cover letter (Karna), budget (Tom), dues form (Sheri) and Parkwood Park Information/Solicitation form(Sheri.)  Karna will coordinate creation of the “packs” and assign houses to each courier.  This information will also be e-mailed.

Neighbor Care –New neighbors Chad and Christine Carter have already gotten involved, saying they will attend Bunko and help in the ravine on Oct. 1.

Civic Committee – Board members agreed that the park cannot use the 4 foot lengths of telephone poles for the Park because the poles have been chemically treated.  Bryan will come up with a plan to promote ordinance enforcement and property maintenance in our neighborhood and present it to the Board for approval.  Bryan will contact the signage person with DeKalb County about adding another “No Thru Trucks” sign.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 11,
7 PM at 220 Upland Road.


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