Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 09/06/11

Parkwood Park Committee Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2011

In Attendance:  Karna Candler, Jim Jarboe, Steve Elmore and Sheri Kennedy

  1. W Ponce Project:
    1. Team reviewed and discussed the proposed planting plan for the W Ponce area and adopted the plan to be presented at the Board of Director’s Meeting on Sept 12.  Sheri will   redraw the draft to make it neater and distribute to the Board of Directors.  NOTE:  Camille’s revised plan was not approved.  The approved planting plan is a result of a review of Camille’s planting plan with Ruby Bock, Manager, Woodlands Garden.
    2. The budget of $2,000 will be totally dependent on donations.  If the $2000 budget is not reached or exceeded,  PPC will decide how to best use the donated monies.
    3. Sign proposal has been tabled at this time.
    4. We will NOT have a neighborhood wide meeting on 09/27.  The planting plan will be introduced at the October 1 work day as well as the membership forms hand delivered in the neighborhood.  Sheri will contact Tom Bell to cancel the church reservation.
    5. We decided to remove the flume and replace it with river rocks on both sides of the tulip poplars to allow the overflow from the inlet on W Ponce de Leon to direct water into the ditch.  A date has not been scheduled for this project.
    6. We need folks to commit to watering next year before we plant.  (AI) Karna will check with DeKalb County to see if we can get a permit to use water from the fire hydrant.
    7. Current plan is to plant the W Ponce area is early November once the membership drive is completed and all donations are received.
  2. Park Work Days
    1. Team decided to schedule first work day for Saturday, October 1, from 9-12.  We will concentrate on cleaning up around the curbs, putting mulch on the paths and cutting down the large invasive plants around and in the park.  Below is a list of teams and leaders.
      1. Sign-up and organization:  Jim Jarboe
      2. Perimeter clean-up – Cindy Bell (not confirmed)
      3. Chain-saw – Steve Elmore
      4. Mulch Path – Sheri, Karna and Scotty  (need a couple of others)
      5. Invasive Plant removal – Will need leader to identify plants.
    2. (AI)Steve will try and get a truck load of dirt before the work day for the cut through.  The dirt will be used at the cut through as well as other holes around the perimeter of the park.
    3. Possible November work day TBD.
    4. Karna and Mary K will help make cookies (the frozen cookie dough was donated by Bevery Greene).  Sheri will also ask for help at the Board of Directors’s meeting for team leaders and cookie bakers.
    5. Any planning for the work day will be handled through email.
    6. Arborguard has been contacted to start delivering mulch on the W Parkwood side.
    7. After the mulch has been used, fescue seed may be spread along the edge the park after the weather is cooler.
  3. E Lake Traffic Circle
    1. The traffic circle will be planted in early November.  Camille will assist with selecting and placing the boulders.
    2. Larry Bosarge has been contacted several times and has not responded with an estimate. (AI) Sheri will discuss with Camille when she returns from her vacation in late September.  Current proposal from Above the Hedges is $500 which was included in the $2100 budget.
  4. Trees along E Parkwood and Cut through
    1. The PPC approved the removal of the marked trees along E Parkwood and the cut through.
    2. Larger trees/limbs that will require a tree service are currently not posing a danger to drivers or homes along the park.  The committee will get estimates from tree service companies to discuss with the board after the first of the year (2012).
  5. Budget- 2012
    1. An additional maintenance budget of $760 was submitted to the board but not yet approved.
    2. A budget of $2000 will be submitted to cover the costs for W Ponce de Leon.  The budget is dependent on donations made during the membership drive in October.

DeKalb Roads and Drainage Update
Sheri and Jim K talked with Caroline Enloe with Jeff Rader’s office requesting an update on the pending items for the park, drainage issues at W Ponce and E Parkwood as well as road repaving.  Caroline has contacted the department heads with Roads and Drainage and hope to have an update before the Board of Director’s meeting.


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