Minutes of Officer Meeting of 8/9/11

Parkwood Garden Club
Officers’ Meeting Minutes
Board of Directors’ Minutes
August 9, 2011

The August 9, 2011 meeting of the Parkwood Garden Club Officers was held at 220 Upland Road in Decatur, GA.  The meeting was called to order at 7:10.  The following officers/committee chairs attended:  Tom Bell, Karna Candler, Sheri Kennedy, Rebecca Kerimbaev/ Bolot Kerimbaev and Joanna Quillen

Guest Speaker – David Rotenstein
David Rotenstein discussed Parkwood neighborhood historic preservation issues, suggesting the Parkwood neighborhood apply for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.  If awarded, being included in the National Register would be purely honorific and not carry any regulatory requirements or restrictions for property owners.  David believes that the neighborhood would be awarded this designation for representing the historic trend of suburbanization, for including homes designed by famous architects and for representing one of the first ranch, architectural style neighborhoods.  The benefits to the Parkwood property owners, of receiving the National Register designation, include eligibility for tax credits and a potential increase in resale value.  David is going to submit a proposal for doing this work to the PGC Officers for review.

Consent Agenda
The July 19 Officers’ Meeting Minutes were approved without changes.
The August 9, 2011 Financial Report was approved and filed, subject to audit.

President’s Report – Karna Candler

  • The State of Georgia does not have a “no scavenger” law.  Items we place on the curb for garbage or recycling can be picked up by anyone.
  • Below are guidelines for when to seek Board approval of actions taken by a committee or committee chairs:
    • All expenditures of PGC funds should be approved by the Board.   Since the budget is approved by the board, budgeted funds do not require further approval.  Any expenses of non-budgeted funds do require board approval.
    • Designated gifts must be spent accordingly.  If a financial gift is made to the Park, the money must be spent on the Park.
    • Actions which are potentially controversial or significantly affect a group of neighbors should be approved by the Board in advance.
  • The AJC featured an article on a new neighborhood App (HomeElephant) for smart phones which keeps neighbors connected.  Bolot will review.

Action Items
Composition of Board of Directors – Joanna Quillen moved that the following officers/committee chairs serve as the Parkwood Garden Club Board of Directors for the 2011-2012 year:  Brian Bell/Christie Bell, Tom Bell, Karna Candler, Frances Finegan, Sheri Kennedy, Bolot/Rebecca Kerimbaev, and Joanna Quillen.  Tom seconded the motion.  Discussion:  Christie and Brian will have one combined vote.  Rebecca and Bolot will have one combined vote. All approved the motion, so the motion passed.

Spending Funds from Savings Account: Joanna Quillen moved that funds from the PGC savings account be spent as directed by a ¾ vote of the entire Board of Directors, as long as $3600 remains in the account.  Bolot seconded the motion.  Discussion:  “in reserve” would be a more accurate term than “remains in the account.” $3600 wouldn’t be enough money to remove several trees in the park, which could realistically happen in any given year.  The budget should cover expenses intended by the Board.  All voted against this motion, so the motion was defeated.

Reserve Funds:  Tom Bell moved that the Parkwood Garden Club maintain a reserve of $5,000.  Joanna seconded the motion.  All voted in favor so the motion passed.

Emergency Expenses:  Joanna Quillen moved that the PGC President, or in his/her absence, the PGC Secretary, have the authority to spend funds in an emergency, as defined by a potential or real injury to person or property.  These funds may be drawn from any PGC account.  Bolot seconded the motion.  Discussion:  The term “PGC account” isn’t clear.  Is it referring to a bank account or a line item in the budget.  Bolot moved to amend the motion, removing the second sentence.  Tom seconded the motion.  All voted to approve the amendment to the motion.  Discussion on the amended motion, “Joanna Quillen moved the  PGC President, or in his/her absence, the PGC Secretary, have the authority to spend funds in an emergency, as defined by a potential or real injury to person or property:”  Should all Board members be contacted in the event of an emergency and jointly give approval?  Are the President and the Secretary the appropriate officers to handle an emergency?  Tom moved to table the motion until the next meeting.  Bolot seconded the motion.  This motion was tabled.

Post Office BoxJoanna Quillen moved that Tom Bell be authorized to secure a PO Box for the PGC at the Decatur Post Office, and that money be budgeted annually to cover this expense. Bolot seconded the motion.  Discussion:  The P.O. Box will cost $42 per year.  Sheri believes that this is an unnecessary expense and burden.  Tom believes that having one mailing address year to year will avoid late fees.  Joanna believes that a P.O Box will make paying dues easier.  Sheri voted against the motion.  All others voted in favor of the motion.  The motion carried.

Post Office Box KeysJoanna Quillen moved that the PGC Treasurer, Secretary and President keep the keys to the PGC post office box.  Bolot seconded the motion.  Sheri abstained from the vote.  All others voted in favor of the motion, so the motion carried.

Prune TreesJoanna Quillen moved that Parkwood Park Committee members be authorized to prune and/or cut the trees as marked by Steve Elmore and Sheri Kennedy around the cut through to the Parkwoods and by the park on E. Parkwood Rd. Bolot seconded the motion.  Discussion: Sheri said that the Parkwood Park Committee had not yet approved the pruning and cutting, so she moved the motion be tabled until the next meeting.  Bolot seconded the motion.  All approved tabling this issue until the next meeting.

Email Addresses for Website:  Rebecca moved that the following e-mail addresses representing Board members and Committee Chairs be posted on the PGC website:


Tom seconded the motion.  Discussion:  These e-mail addresses will forward e-mails received on our website to the appropriate person’s personal e-mail.   An archive of all e-mails received will be kept on the site.  Visitors to the site will not have access to personal e-mail addresses without approval of the individual.  Standardized addresses will avoid annual updates.  All voted in favor of the motion so the email addresses will be posted on the website.

Standing Committees – Additions to Reports

Parkwood Park Committee:

To read Sheri Kennedy’s Parkwood Park Update Report on Parkwood Park Committee’s activities over the past month, click on the following PDF file. PGC August Mtg-PPC Report-1

Tree Evaluation:  Sheri contacted India Goodson, DeKalb County Arborist for suggestions on finding an arborist to evaluate two trees on E Parkwood that are leaning significantly across the road and growing on the ridge.  India suggested contacting an Arborist at the International Society of Arborists website.  India suggested having a risk and health assessment completed at a cost of $75-$100.  Sheri contacted several local arborists to get a price for the assessments ($150-$250.) Sheri contacted Robert Driskall with Driskill Tree and Landscape solutions.  He was in the area and agreed to look at the trees to see if the assessments were necessary.  White Oak feedback:  the tree is leaning over the road but after pulling back the ivy did not show any signs for concern.  Mushrooms (indicating decay) or cracks in the soil (indicating the tree is moving) were not present.  The tree didn’t show any signs of decay or stress.  Robert didn’t see any reason to perform the assessment.  He did stress that we needed to keep the ivy back from the tree so we can monitor and look for any signs.  He also indicated that even though the tree didn’t show any concerns it could still fall given the right conditions.

He recommended cutting the three lower branches to prevent trucks from hitting the tree and possibly causing damage.

The pignut hickory: at the Parkwood Lane intersection had similar feedback and didn’t show anysigns of stress or decay.

Given this information from the arborist, the current recommendation is to not cut down either tree and to continue to monitor and look for signs that the trees may be moving or have issues with stress and decay.

Park Maintenance Funds to Increase in 2011:  Sheri recommends that $760 be added to the 2012 budget to cover woody invasive plant spray, Round-Up and miscellaneous supplies.

Proposed Planting Tour: Sheri will offer one opportunity to neighbors to tour the proposed planting site and hear specific plans.

Neighbor Care

Welcome Bags: Karna recommends Frances contact Fernbank Museum of Natural History about donating coupons to the museum.  Joanna recommends Frances contact the City of Decatur about donating City of Decatur pens and maps.

Civic Committee

Neighborly Property Maintenance:  Tom will send an e-mail to Board members with a flier from the Clairmont Heights neighborhood association.  This flyer communicates the DeKalb County codes relating to property maintenance.  This might be something the PGC would like to use in the Parkwood neighborhood.

Code Enforcement:  Board members should individually discuss code violations with property owners/renters and contact authorities as individually moved.

Add PGC to Commissioner’s Site:  Sheri will send Bryan an e-mail about adding the PGC to Commissioner Jeff Radar’s on-line list of neighborhood associations.

Budget:  The budget needs to be passed at the September Board meeting. Tom will reformat the budget to reflect which line items will be covered by dues and which are dependent on donations.  The budget will be updated to reflect using $600 of the reserve, surplus after  maintaining the PGC $5,000 reserve.  The Traffic Circle item will be increased to $2100 and the Grounds Maintenance item will be increased by $760 to $2290.  A .pdf of the Neighborhood Directory is on the website.  The Membership Committee will discuss the Directory Printing line item, deciding if the PGC should cease routinely printing a directory for all members, but rather offer it for a small charge in addition to dues.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 220 Upland Road.


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