Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 07/25/11

Parkwood Park Committee Meeting Minutes
July 25, 2011

 In Attendance:  Jim Jarboe, Sheri Kennedy, Karna Cander, Rebecca Kerimbaev

  1. W Ponce Project
    1. Reviewed Camille’s planting plan and listed questions/issues.  (AI) Sheri will send to Camille.  (Note:  See separate email with questions and responses dated 7/27.  Camille and I are meeting Tuesday morning at 9am to do a rough design at the site and confirm plant heights around the fence as well as plant counts.)
    2. Discussed sign possibilities:  Similar to the signs at the Olmsted parks, sign attached to fence (see Camille’s feedback) or a rock with plaque similar to Lullwater Park.  (AI)  Sheri will visit sign store for suggestions and price ranges with these suggestions.
    3. Agreed no longer needed any additional work to W Ponce area but to spray for invasive plants to prepare for October/November planting.
    4. Will review planting plan with officers at 8/9 meeting and then resolve any issues with Camille.  Will measure, determine number of plants, and propose multiple Phase approach and budget for each.  (NOTE:  Scheduled for 8/2, 9AM)
  2. Invasive Plant Removal
    1. Monday Work Days: 8/1 East Lake Traffic Circle and triangle, Continue work on invasive plants, Tree cutting along the park, continue to dig ditch at the inlet near W Ponce.
    2. Ivy Pulling Project:   Rebecca discussed a process to pull and roll ivy and asked we check out the following websites before the next meeting.
      Oregon’s No Ivy League website:  http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/index.cfm?c=47820  (copy and paste address into your browser)
      See how to, statistics, etc in The Ivy Files:  http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/index.cfm?c=47820&a=201781 (copy and paste in browser)
      Rebecca will put together more detailed schedule and plan for next meeting.  Objective is to schedule ivy pulling work days in October through next March.  Rebecca will begin to scope out areas in the park that are good candidates.
    3. October Work Day:  tentatively scheduled for 10/15.  (NOTE:  contacted Carol and Addie and asked if we could work together and have Fall picnic the same day.  Carol responded and said would synch up 6 weeks prior to the event).Also discussed the possibility of an additional weekend work day for folks that want to work but can’t attend the Monday sessions.  At this point, only one person has asked.  At this time we would prefer to have a PPC person with anyone working.
  3. Communications
    1. DHN Article:  Rebecca and Sheri will work on DHN article to update our DH neighbors on our progress.
    2. Communication to the neighborhood.  Sheri will write up short updates and send to Rebecca to distribute through the website.
    3. Park Logo: Discussed the sign at W Ponce.  The sign company said they may be able to help with design.  Suggestions include, map of park, Sweet Gum leaves, Tulip Poplar leaves.
  4.   East Lake Traffic Circle
    1.  Budget:  We are within $260 of the budget.
    2.  Larry Bosarge will talk with Camille about the boulders for the traffic circle.  Larry also said not to worry about the rocks turning white.  We could always use buttermilk and cow manure mixture to treat the rocks to color them.  (NOTE:  talked with Camille and she and Larry have played phone tag.  She may ask if he can meet us on 8/2.)
    3. Plants in the traffic circle:  Discussed having a sale or giving the plants away no real decision.   (NOTE:  I have a new suggestion.  What if we just ask for donations and not really ‘sell’ them for a specific price.   Hopefully we will reach our $2100 goal.  Will discuss at September meeting.
  5.   General Maintenance and Park Budget
    1.   Sheri will contact Geigerscapes for an estimate to include additional area around the perimeter.  The new estimate will be discussed with at the PGC officer meeting.
    2.   Tree maintenance-Discussed trees along E Parkwood and the cut through that Joe Burgess identified and may need to be removed.  Joe suggested calling Georgia Power and said he would support our request.
  6.   September Meeting Agenda
    1.   The following items will be on the meeting agenda
      1.   W Ponce planting plan review
      2.   Ivy Pulling project proposal overview
      3.   Upcoming work day plans
  7. Stream Project (Lisa Gordon)
      Lisa was not able to attend the meeting but send a separate email (already distributed to the PPC members) with a list of stream bank plants and how to remove invasive plants.   Camille included the plants in her landscape plan.
  8. Other Business
      Future meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month.  The PGC officer meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  We will see how this works going forward.  Our next meeting is September 6 the day after Labor Day, 5pm my house.


    E Lake Traffic Circle:  How about we ask for ‘donations’ and not really sell the plants–especially since we have not reached our $2100 goal.


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