Minutes of Officer Meeting of 7/19/11

Parkwood Garden Club
Officers’ Meeting Minutes
July 19, 2011
164 E. Parkwood Rd

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by Sheri Kennedy.  The following were in attendance:   Joanna Quillen, Sheri Kennedy, Bryan Bell, Bolot Kerimbaev, Rebecca Kerimbaev, Frances Finegan, and Tom Bell (arriving at 7:45.)

Joanna Quillen discussed parliamentary procedure.

The April 4 meeting minutes were reviewed with the following updates:

  • Bolot and Tom have discussed the PayPal procedures and Tom’s name has been added to the account.
  • The group agreed that Bolot will set up e-mail addresses on the website associated with title, including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Civic Chair, Park Chair, and Social Chair.
  • Bryan is working on posting a link to the PGC web address on other websites.
  • Sheri is exploring 501C(3) options, focusing on finding a current non-profit to “adopt” us for contribution purposes.
  • The new signs are in at East Lake.  Sheri is going to contact Commissioner Rader about paving the streets.

Articles of Incorporation

Joanna moved that the Parkwood Garden Club Officers’ Committee approve the First Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of the Parkwood Garden Club, Inc. Bolot seconded the amendment. Tom moved to amend the motion, adding (acting as the Board of Directors.) Bolot seconded the amendment.  All voted in favor of the amendment.  The new motion read, The Parkwood Garden Club Officers’ Committee (acting as the Board of Directors) approves the First Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of the Parkwood Garden Club, Inc.All voted in favor of the motion so it passed.

Parkwood Park Committee Report

Click on the following link to read PDF file report by Sheri Kennedy. PPC Report for July PGC Officer Meeting  Additions follow:

  • Note on PGC insurance:  There is no deductible.  Officers and directors are insured as long as they are doing official PGC business.
  • The next committee meeting will be on Mon., July 25.  Sheri will send on-going updates of Park business to all Officers and Committee Chairs.
  • The PPC will discuss options for park clean-up including “adopt an area” and “do a punch list.”
  • Sheri asked that a procedure be developed for using emergency PGC funds.  
  • Sheri will contact GA Power ASAP about topping off some trees which could be hazardous. Karna will follow up.
  • All agreed that chairs be given guidelines as to when the PGC Officers’ Committee/Board of Directors needs to approve a decision made by a committee/individual.

Civic Committee Report

See attached report by Christie & Bryan Bell.  Additions follow:

  • Sheri and Bryan will attend E. Lake neighborhood association meetings.
  • Contact Bryan if additional signs are needed.
  • Bryan needs volunteers to help with the sidewalk cleanup project.
  • Something should be added to the dues notice about holiday wreaths, making them available to residents for a nominal fee.
  • Bryan would like for Karna to e-mail him with suggestions of who would be a good liaison between the City of Decatur and the Parkwood Garden Club.
  • Joanna will e-mail codes from City of Decatur to Bryan.

Communications/Membership Report

See attached report by Rebecca & Bolot Kerimbaev.  Additions follow:

  • Karna needs to phone Carol Hill and Adrianne McVeigh to clarify whether or not they’d like to be on the PGC Board.
  • A survey of members’ interests would identify on what programs the PGC should focus.
  • Bolot is investigating ways to put the dues renewal form on the PGC website.

Neighbor Care Report

  • Two houses sold on W. Parkwood.  Frances Finegan will give details at the next meeting.
  • Adrianne McVeigh and Carol Hill have agreed to be the PGC Social Chairs.  If anyone has any information on planning previous parties, please give to Frances to forward to Adie and Carol.
  • Mary K Jarboe and Mary Leslie have agreed to organize Bunko for the year.
  • A “welcome package” for new neighbors was discussed.  Frances will calculate the expense of the PGC doing this and pass this information to Tom for inclusion in the budget.

Treasurer’s Report

See the attached 2011 Financial report and the Proposed2012 Budget by Tom Bell.  Additions follow:

2011 Financials – The insurance (@$250) and the taxes (@$35) still needs to be paid.

Proposed 2012 Budget – See attached.  Comments from Officers/Committee Chairs follow:

  • Additions:  Holiday decorations, expense of welcome packets, cost of replacing dead plants, an adjusted Giegerscapes maintenance estimate after landscaping is done, cost of rental equipment for park workdays.
  • All committee chairs should send estimates for these additional budget items to Tom ASAP so that he can adjust his proposed budget.
  • Bryan would like more information on the condition of the trees in the park, before using Reserve funds for Park plantings.
  • Joanna would like for Reserve funds, if spent, to be only used for one-time purchases.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 9, at 220 Upland Road at 7:00pm.


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