Minutes of Neighborhood-Wide Meeting of 06/13/2011

Parkwood Garden Club Neighborhood-Wide Meeting
hosted by the Parkwood Park Committee (PPC)
June 13, 2011
(3rd Neighborhood-Wide Meeting of the 2010-2011 Season)

Officers in Attendance:
Sheri Kennedy, Vice President, PPC Chair, and Presenter
Karna Candler,  incoming President 2011-2012 year
Mary K Jarboe, Secretary
Bolot and Rebecca Kerimbaev, Communications Chairs
Frances Galifianakis, Neighbor Care Chair
Tom Bell, incoming Treasurer 2011-2012 year
Joanna Quillen, incoming Secretary 2011-2012 year

Sheri Kennedy, Vice President of the Parkwood Garden Club and Chair of the PGC Parkwood Park Committee (PPC) ran the meeting. Over 30 people attended the meeting at the Church of the Epiphany on Monday, June 13, 2011.

Sally Sears, South Fork Conservancy Chairperson, kicked off our meeting with comments on her walk through Parkwood Park in early April. She encouraged us to continue our renovation and commended our efforts. To read a very short transcript of everything Sally Sears had to say about what we are doing in our Park, click here: Sally Sears Transcript

Karna Candler, President of Parkwood Garden Club for the 2011-2012 year, welcomed the new officers and committee chairs. New officers and committee chairs for the 2011-2012 year will be reflected on the website soon.

The Parkwood Park Committee then presented the update and proposed budget for the four main neighborhood projects: East Lake Traffic Circle, W Ponce de Leon, Park Path and Native Plant Identification, as well as the Invasive Plant Removal.

The presentation and outline of the proposed budgets can be seen at the links below.

Rebecca and Bolot Kerimbaev provided an overview of the Parkwood Park tab on the Parkwood Garden Club website, which can be viewed at the links below.

David Ordway shared his Urban Coyote presentation, which can also be found at the links below.

Action Items from the meeting:

1.  Update the neighborhood on the changes to the proposed budget once DeKalb County’s work is completed.

2.  Schedule neighborhood-wide meeting in September to share planting plan for the W Ponce area, and provide updated information on invasive plant removal proposal.

To view Sheri’s June 13, 2011 Keynote presentation as a PDF (slides with notes), click here: June 13, 2011 PDF (35.5 MB). It can take up to a minute or two for the entire PDF to load on your screen, so please be patient.

To download Sheri’s June 13, 2011 presentation as a Powerpoint file, click here: June 13, 2011 Powerpoint File (23.2 MB).

The online video of the June 13, 2011 meeting comes in two parts. The first part is 59:57 in duration and the second part is 34:29 in length. The first video shows Sally Sears speaking, then Karna Candler, then Sheri Kennedy giving her Keynote presentation, then Susan Stewart and Joe Dicks presenting their parts of the talk. It then shows Rebecca Kerimbaev’s talk on native plant identification within the Park. To see this first video, click here.

The second video shows the end of Rebecca’s talk, then Sheri Kennedy speaking more on budget, fundraising, and future plans, then Rebecca speaks more on the Parkwood Park tab of the PGC website, and then neighbor David Ordway gives his presentation on urban coyotes. To see this second video, click here.

In addition to the Sally Sears transcript linked to above, Rebecca Kerimbaev has also provided a transcript of her 17-minute presentation on native plants. To read Rebecca’s transcript, click here: Native Plant Talk Transcript


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