Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meetings of 05/24/2011 and 06/01/2011

Parkwood Garden Club Parkwood Park Committee Meeting
May 24, 2011 and June 1, 2011

In Attendance May 24:
Sheri Kennedy, Park Committee Chair, Vice President, and notetaker
Karna Candler
Joe Dicks
Susan Stewart
Rebecca Kerimbaev

In Attendance June 1:
Sheri Kennedy, Park Committee Chair, Vice President, and notetaker
Karna Candler
Steve Elmore
Jim Jarboe
Rebecca Kerimbaev

  1. Both meetings were spent creating, reviewing, and updating the presentation for the PGC Officers’ Meeting on June 6, as well as the neighborhood-wide meeting on June 13. The results of the discussions can be found in the actual presentation. 

    1. Invasive Plant Removal Project: Team decided to present at a later neighborhood-wide meeting.
    2. Communications Update: The minutes will be saved to the website but will not be distributed to the neighborhood. Sheri will update the officers at the monthly meetings and the PGC officer meeting minutes will be published to the neighborhood.
    3. Website Update: Rebecca presented her proposal for an update to the Friends of Parkwood Park tab and the Team approved with minor changes.
  2. Aluminum Fence:
    1. The group did vote on the style of aluminum fence for the W Ponce de Leon culvert area. Sheri proposed a pressed spear type style for the aluminum fence area. Production FenceWorks sales person suggested the style to deter anyone from climbing on the fence. The design was ultimately dependent upon the contractor selected by the county as each manufacturer’s style was slightly different. Joe Dicks voted against any type of design that included a spear or pointed head on the pickets. The majority voted for the fence design.

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