Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 05/03/11

Parkwood Park Committee Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2011

In Attendance:
Sheri Kennedy, Park Committee Chair, Vice President, notetaker
Karna Candler
Susan Stewart
Jim Jarboe
Steve Elmore
Rebecca Kerimbaev
Special Guests:
Camille Harvey, Garden Designer
Charles Scott

  1. Review W Ponce de Leon and East Lake traffic circle plan
    1. Camille Harvey presented the proposal for the East Lake traffic circle. Camille discussed the planting plan and plant proposals. We discussed the use of non-native vs native plants as we have discussed for the Park. The traffic circle plans contain non-native plants in keeping with a more residential look than that of the park. After discussion and clarification all agreed on the current design but wanted one week to continue to review the plan.
    2. Action Item: Please provide any comments or feedback to Sheri on the Traffic circle by Thursday, May 12. At that time Sheri will ask Camille to provide a budget/possible timeline for the traffic circle. Installation for the hardscape (boulders) may start this summer but the plants can’t be installed until the fall planting season. I am going to go and ‘stake it out’ Monday or Tuesday so I can get a better idea what it will look like if anyone is interested.
    3. Camille also presented the hardscape proposal for the W Ponce de Leon area as well as reviewed the proposed native plant list. All agreed with the proposal for the aluminum fence/granite columns surrounding the culvert area and agreed for Sheri to continue to work with DeKalb County R&D for replacement of the temporary chain link fence.
    4. Several concerns were discussed about changes to the W Ponce area and the Park: Safety issues of including any type of entrance/walkway near E Parkwood and W Ponce area. Creation of an unobtrusive entrance to the park and not to include the proposed granite columns. The walking trail proposal with entrance(s) and exit(s) needs to be developed before completing W Ponce area in order to determine how the two areas will fit.
    5. The W Ponce de Leon plan is on hold until the paths, entrances/exits to the park can be determined.
  2. Review Vision Statement, update and approve (Susan)
    1. The vision statement was updated and approved.
      Parkwood Park is a historical, urban, mature forested sanctuary with trails designed for the enjoyment of the natural beauty of the native plants, wildlife and the creek.
    2. Review Parkwood Park Committee Mission, update and approve (Susan)
      The mission statement was reviewed, updated and approved.

      • The Parkwood Park Committee with the support of the Parkwood Garden Club membership will:
        • In keeping with the Olmsted tradition and to encourage native plant growth, remove all exotic invasive plants.
        • Design, create and maintain trails through the park for walkers to enjoy.
        • Develop plans to provide financial support for both restoration and long term maintenance.
        • Communicate plans to the Parkwood Garden Club members through neighborhood meetings, emails and Parkwood Garden Club web site postings.
  3. Create high level project plan and budget to meet Mission (Team)
    The following committee members will be responsible for the following areas of the project plan:

    1. Invasive Plant removal – Steve Elmore
    2. Steve will interview various companies/agencies, etc to gather information on the best time of year to spray in order to have the most impact on the invasive plants while trying to protect the current native plants. Steve will also research the cost as well as discuss the best way to begin tackling the 3.2 acres given the current budget.
    3. Trail creation – Joe Dicks
    4. Joe may continue to explore the feasibility of obtaining a topo map of the park in order to develop paths, bridges etc. Since funding for the topo ($5000) may not be readily available, Joe will begin determining the best point(s) to enter/exit the park as well as a proposed path in the park near the creek. Joe may begin marking the path with some type of construction tape, stakes as well as documenting on a map. Also see separate email from Camille and Charles with suggestions concerning the path.
    5. Funding – Susan Stewart
      Susan will head up the Funding Committee along with Karna and Jim Jarboe. We agreed we need a plan for the park along with a proposed budget in order for the Funding Committee to really begin work.
    6. Communication (Rebecca)
      1. Website changes and format
        Rebecca reviewed the PGC Website, Parkwood Park Tab. We offered the following suggestions: Create 3 Friends of the Park categories: Volunteers (listed alphabetically by last name formatted as (ex): Sheri Kennedy. All donations will be listed in Donation categories. Rebecca will create category names representative of the Park with the following denominations. Over $1000, 500-999, 250-499, 100-249 and under 100. Businesses, Organizations and people’s names will be listed in alphabetical order by last name of first name of the business. The last category will list businesses or organizations that have donated time/advice or services at a reduced cost–not exactly sure what to call this category? AI Sheri will provide list to Rebecca of the Business Names.
      2. External communications
        The committee agreed at this time to wait for any further external communications so we can include more detailed long term plans.
  4. Neighborhood Presentation (see presentation)
    1. We agreed during our next meeting to outline our presentation to the neighborhood. Each Subcommittee will provide an update to the neighborhood. We will also determine a date and location at our next meeting.
  5. Next Meeting Agenda
    1. Invasive Plant Eradication Proposal – Steve
    2. Path Update – Joe
    3. DeKalb County Roads and Drainage – Sheri
    4. Traffic Circle Budget – Sheri
    5. Communication Update – Rebecca
    6. Neighborhood Meeting
      1. Date/Location
      2. Outline and slide assignments

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