Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 02/21/11

Parkwood Garden Club Parkwood Park Committee Meeting
February 21, 2011

In Attendance:
Sheri Kennedy, Park Committee Chair, Vice President, and notetaker
Jim Jarboe
Karna Candler
Steve Elmore
Jim Kennedy
Joe Dicks
Rebecca and Bolot Kerimbaev

  1. Parkwood Park Design:Joe Dicks has graciously offered his services as an architect to help with a design for our Park. He is working with DeKalb county to determine right of way and regulations that may be applicable for creating a path in the Park. Joe is waiting to talk with Greg Hubbard, DeKalb County Watershed Management. Joe is also looking for a topographical map and needs a 2′ resolution.
    1. Action Item: Jim K to talk with contact from State of GA to see if they have access to a map. UPDATE: Jim did get a copy and gave to Joe but it is not detailed enough.
    2. Action Item: Karna to check with Alan Fields to see if he has access to information. UPDATE: Karna heard back from Alan and said he might have a 2′ topo map from a while back and will also check with GIS.
    3. Action Item: Sheri to check with Frances on the outcome of her investigation on the insurance and if we need to increase/change the policy if the Park will have a path.
      UPDATE: Since the meeting Joe talked with Greg Hubbard and the good news is that we can build path/bridges in the Park but will need a current survey and topographical map. Joe offered to get estimates from 3 survey companies on the cost.
  2. Communications:
    1. Sheri and Jim attended the February Druid Hills Civic Association meeting to update the group on our progress and thank them for the $1000 donation towards the chipper. We shared before and after photos of the Park. The group was very pleased with our progress.
    2. Druid Hills News article is submitted and the editor has been given access to photos to go with the article. Mary (editor) indicated at the DHCA meeting our article will likely be included in the March issue.
    3. At the DHCA meeting Sheri and Jim met the editor of the Druid Hills and Virginia Highlands PATCH website.  The website has local information/advertisers much like a newspaper.  Jaclyn Hirsch, Editor VH/DH edition is interested in doing an article on Parkwood Park and our efforts to revive the park.  She also said she could help with fundraising.   Action Item:  Sheri will contact Jaclyn for more information.
    4. A communication will be created to the neighborhood requesting neighbors to discontinue placing yard debris of any kind in the park.  The communication will also remind everyone to pick up their dog’s poop as they walk around the park or neighborhood.  Sheri, Rebecca and Susan Stewart will create notification (will also have available at the March 10 meeting)
  3. Future Park Plans:
    1. Sheri contacted Spencer Tunnell with Tunnell and Tunnell (Landscape Architects for the Olmsted Linear Parks) about a site evaluation.  Spencer will evaluate the park and produce a written evaluation on what efforts we can continue to handle with volunteers, what areas will require professional assistance and provide a evaluation of park’s capabilities.  The cost would be from $350-$500.
    2. Sheri also emailed Lynn Saussy and she recommended a Master Landscape Development Plan (MP).  She will study drainage, stream buffers, sun/shade patterns, tree/plant inventory, right of ways and limits of activity near a stream.  Once this ‘site evaluation’ is completed, then her firm will design a conceptual form (similar to the work done at Woodlands).  Lynn’s email did not include a quote.
    3. The committee discussed the pros and cons and decided that at this time to see what Joe is able to determine and then re-evaluate the next steps.
  4. March/April Clean-Up Day:
    1. The weather is quickly getting warmer and a date needs to be scheduled for the last clean-up day before the summer.  HOW ABOUT MARCH 19?  ALMANAC SAYS WEATHER WILL BE ‘COOLER’ AND SUNNY. The clean-up will include 2-3 ‘ivy pull’ areas, cutting ivy off the trees, and removing any remaining invasive plants.  The roads will not need to be closed and a chipper will not be hired.
    2. Hollies at E Parkwood and W Ponce – Committee decided to ask for a vote at the March 10 meeting to remove the hollies.  Two landscape designers indicated the hollies were too big and could not be replanted and are in the line of sight for anyone trying to pull out from E Parkwood to W Ponce.
    3. Traffic Circle Renovation: The Committee suggested hiring a designer to create a plan for the traffic circle at E Lake and E/W Parkwood.  The Committee will propose the donated Park funds to be used to pay for the plan and plants.  The proposal will be discussed at the March 10 Neighborhood meeting.
    4. March 10 Presentation Proposed Outline: Sheri will create a draft of the presentation and send to the PPC and PGC officers for review.  A run through will be scheduled at Sheri’s house prior to the March 10 meeting to review content and offer suggestions.  Rebecca will update the invite to the neighborhood with agenda items.

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