Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting of 10/18/10

Parkwood Garden Club — Parkwood Park Committee Meeting
October 18, 2010

In Attendance:
Katie Black, President
Sheri Kennedy (notetaker), Vice President; Chair of Parkwood Park Committee
Jim Jarboe, Parkwood Park Committee
Karna Candler, Parkwood Park Committee
Jim Kennedy, Parkwood Park Committee
Bolot Kerimbaev, Communications Chair
Rebecca Kerimbaev, Communications Chair

The meeting was hosted by Sheri and Jim Kennedy at their home, with refreshments served.  Accompanying Keynote visuals “in the works” were demonstrated on the computer for all to see.

The following topics were discussed:

  1. October 16 Clean Up:All had a good time at the clean-up and agreed we were very successful with our first effort.
    1. Chipper: Mark Collins from Appleseed Tree Service will provide a chipper and operator for $60 per hour and waive the 4 hour minimum.  Sheri is meeting with Druid Hills Civic Association on Wednesday, October 20 to request funds to support this effort.
    2. Trees in power line: Sheri contacted GA Power about trees on both West and East Parkwood that overhang the power lines.  GA Power will contact Sheri.
    3. Yard Debris Pick-up: Sheri talked with KDB and DeKalb County will definitely pick up the yard debris.  KDB will call the supervisor for the area.
  2. Next Clean Up Day:November 13, 2010 is the next scheduled clean up day from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. If funds are provided by Druid Hills, Mark Collins will have the chipper on site. If not then we will continue to cut the limbs for DeKalb County Sanitation to remove. (NOTE: Talked with Amber this morning about our next clean-up day and she has it noted on her calendar.)
    1. Clean Up Day Communication: Rebecca will create Nov 13 “save the date” for the neighborhood to distribute this week.
    2. KDB Supplies: KDB said we can keep our supplies!!
  3. Nov 4 Meeting
    1. Agenda: Katie Black will welcome everyone to the PGC sponsored event. Sheri will continue to modify the presentation based on feedback from the group. We all agreed we will include a brainstorming session during the meeting for feedback as well as homework to visit a list of recommended parks.
    2. Prelude: Rebecca and Bolot will work on an iMovie with her photos (and I asked if she could add music if we can figure out about the speakers).
    3. Communication: Rebecca will create a flyer to both email and put in mailboxes this week inviting everyone to the meeting.
    4. Space: Sheri is visiting space on Wednesday night before the DHCA meeting.
    5. Handout: Karna volunteered after the meeting to put together a map listing of the parks we want folks to visit. I asked she present on Monday, November 1 at the run through.
    6. Trial Run: A trial run of the presentation will be on Monday, November 1 at 164 E Parkwood Rd at 7 p.m. We will have the screen set up (hopefully) and have a run through of the entire presentation. Mark your calendars and please plan to attend; your feedback is important!

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