Minutes of Officer Meeting of 08/16/10

Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) Officer Meeting
August 16, 2010

In Attendance:
Katie Black, President
Sheri Kennedy, Vice President
Beverly Greene, Treasurer
Mary K Jarboe, Secretary
Rebecca and Bolot Kerimbaev — Communication Chairs
Frances Finegan — Neighbor Care Chair
Jim Jarboe

  1. PGC Corporate Standing Report: Katie Black confirmed the Parkwood Garden Club is incorporated as a non-profit organization. She also confirmed the PGC did not have to file a tax return unless earnings exceeded $25,000. The DeKalb County taxes reflect the PGC non-profit status and are being billed correctly.
  2. Bylaws Report: A subcommittee of Sheri Kennedy and Mary K Jarboe will create a proposal for new Bylaws before the September officer meeting. The proposal will be reviewed and discussed at that time.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:Beverly Greene presented the following information on the expenses of the PGC:

    Balance 8/15/09

    Checking: $1351.29
    Savings: $5095.70
    Total: $6446.99
    Income and Expenses from 8/1/09 through 7/31/10

  4. Ravine Report: Sheri Kennedy shared a concept drawing of the W Ponce de Leon area and asked to continue with gathering information on ravine improvements. From this point forward the ravine will be referenced as Parkwood Park (as indicated on Google Maps). The officers agreed to create and present bylaws for approval before voting on Parkwood Park updates.
  5. Communications Report: Rebecca and Bolot Kerimbaev presented new PGC website. The website may include both public and private information about PGC. The website will allow neighbors to upload photos, post items for sale, as well as upcoming events, etc. The website will be housed on Google Groups. Rebecca and Bolot will share the site with the officers until the site is ready for the neighborhood.
  6. Neighbor Care Report: Frances Finegan will welcome new neighbors to PGC and provide them with a copy of the current directory as well as information on our upcoming website. Both Jim Jarboe and Katie Black will provide notification to Frances on any home sales in the neighborhood. Frances will also organize a yard sale in the next few weeks to help with medical expenses for Lisa and Charlie Hoff.
  7. Action Items for Next Meeting:
    • Review proposed bylaw changes: Mary K Jarboe and Sheri Kennedy
    • Report on Insurance policy coverage: Beverly Greene and Frances Finegan
    • Review expenses to determine dues for 2010
    • Determine dates for Officer Meeting, Neighborhood meeting to discuss and vote on bylaws, Fall Party (need to also find a ‘volunteer to plan party’).

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