Minutes of Officer Meeting of 1/19/11

Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) Officer Meeting
January 19, 2011

In Attendance:
Katie Black, President
Frances Galifianakis, Neighbor Care Chair
Sheri Kennedy, Vice President & Park Committee Chair
Bolot Kerimbaev, Communications Co-Chair
Rebecca Kerimbaev, Communications Co-Chair
Mary K. Jarboe, Secretary

    1. PayPal
      1. The officers discussed using PayPal as a way to accept dues and donations online. The cost would be 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. In order to cover the processing costs, an additional $2 would be added to membership dues if processed online. It was agreed that the club would cover the processing fee for any park donations made online. Bolot indicated that a separate checking account would be needed for park donations. Katie stated that Bev Greene had set up a new account. It was agreed that as treasurer Bev should maintain the PayPal account.
      2. Action Item: Bolot will meet with Bev about PayPal account.
    2. BudgetKatie reviewed the status of the budget. Bev Greene had provided the following information:
      Parkwood Garden Club Savings Account $7,243.91
      Parkwood Garden Club Checking Account 1,527.21
      Parkwood Park Account 1,400.00
      ($1,000 donation from Druid Hills plus $705 in member donations; $305 spent on the chipper)

      Totals for all accounts:

      Deposits $5,335
      Expenses 2,275.90 (parties, flyers, directory, insurance, landscape
      company, chipper)

      Ending Total Balance – $10,171.12

    3. By-Laws
      1. Katie reported on her conversations with her accountant regarding the by-laws and becoming a 501(c)(3). The by-laws must be written a specific way if we want to apply for 501(c)(3) status (a non-profit status). The fee would be around $350. A lot of work would be required to complete the application and review the by-laws. The accountant gave Katie a copy of another non-profit’s application and by-laws. He indicated that we could use this to prepare our own application. Sheri pointed out that most grants require 501(c)(3) status. Also, some employers would match donations for the park if we were officially a non-profit. Sheri offered to sort through the information provided by the accountant. She will work with the by-laws committee. Katie suggested that we use concepts from the original by-laws but translate them into new language. Frances and Mary K. agreed to help.
      2. Action Item: Sheri will go through the information provided by the accountant and then work with the by-laws committee.
    4. Parkwood Park
      1. Sheri reported that the Parkwood Park Committee met on January 17. The next invasive plant removal has been postponed until January 29, depending upon the weather and the availability of the chipper. Sheri is working on a plan for closing West Parkwood and East Parkwood during the clean-up. She has spoken with county officials and will provide a traffic plan to them. Traffic will be re-routed to Upland. The county also requires barricades and detour signs. The group discussed being sensitive to neighborhood needs for access to the area. There will be moveable barricades, so neighbors can get in and out. Sheri will also provide her cell phone number in e-mail communications. Communication about all plans will be essential.
      2. Communication about plans for the park was discussed. Sheri indicated that there will be a tab on the web site for information about meetings regarding the park and with links to other web sites. There will be a neighborhood meeting about the park in February. In the spring, an e-mail will go out to ask everyone to refrain from putting things in the park (yard debris, dog poop). Geoff Seamans is writing an article for the Druid Hills newsletter about the park. It was suggested that the PayPal link be included for donations.
      3. Sheri has met with one landscape designer about West Ponce de Leon and the traffic circle. She has an appointment with another. She is also meeting with an invasive plant specialist from Trees Atlanta. She has gotten several estimates from landscape companies for the routine work we have done around the park. Most estimates are higher than what we pay now, so we will probably stay with Geigerscapes. Sheri is asking some Eagle Scouts to help with invasive plant removal. Katie suggested placing dog poop receptacles on both East and West Parkwood to help with that problem.
      4. Any proposal for the park will go first to the Parkwood Park Committee and then to the officers for approval. The Parkwood Park Committee will get approval from PGC officers before spending money. Also, the Park Committee will not spend any significant amount of money until voted upon by all neighborhood residents who wish to vote, unless future by-laws state otherwise.
      5. Action Items:
        1. Sheri will put notes in mail boxes of non-members to tell them about procedures for entering and leaving the neighborhood during the park clean-up day.
        2. An e-mail will be sent out in the spring to ask everyone to refrain from placing yard debris and dog poop in the park. Notes should be sent to non-members.
        3. A date needs to be set for the neighborhood meeting in February. There should be at least a month’s notice.
        4. Receptacles for dog poop should be explored.
    5. Web Site
      1. Rebecca asked if a PDF of the member directory could be e-mailed to members. There was general agreement that it could be available on request but that it would be for that member’s use only. A record should be kept of each distribution. The password protected part of the web site could contain information about having the directory sent by e-mail.
      2. Rebecca asked if the officers’ phone numbers should be on the web site. There was general agreement that they should be. She also asked if e-mails should only be sent on one day a week. The group agreed that they should be sent as needed.
      3. Rebecca also asked if there should be a page on the web site to list personal and business web sites of members. Discussion followed about this issue. It was suggested that we have a spotlight on neighbors section. This would be a way to introduce new neighbors. It was suggested that the list of neighbor-referred contractors in the directory be included on the web site, along with the name of the person recommending them.
      4. Action Items:
        1. The list of neighbor-referred contractors should be included on the web site with the name of the person who recommended them.
        2. Frances will contact the two new renters on West Parkwood to welcome them to the neighborhood.
    6. LogoAction Item: Frances knows someone who might be interested in developing a logo for the garden club. She will pursue this.
    7. BunkoAction Item: Katie will send out an e-mail requesting bunko hosts for February, March, and April (last Tuesday of each month). Bunko dates and locations should be included on the web site.

Mary K. Jarboe


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