2011 Member Directory in PDF Format

would you like an electronic copy of the 2010-2011 PGC Member Directory?

We thought you might!

An electronic version of the printed Directory has the benefit of being:

  • available anywhere your email is (like with you at work)
  • searchable
  • nearly indestructible
  • less bulky
  • environmentally friendly

The PGC asks that if you request an electronic copy for yourself that you not distribute it to anyone, including other PGC members and non-members. Other members can always request a copy directly from PGC, and non-members who’d like a copy must first join. Any form of distribution is prohibited including, but not limited to, printing and distributing, forwarding to another email address, copying into another document, posting online, etc., etc. Once you receive your copy, your agreement to abide is implicit. We just don’t want the info in our Directory to fall into the hands of solicitors, spammers, or anyone else who might take advantage of your contact info, and we’re sure you don’t want that either.

To receive your copy of the 2010-2011 Member Directory, please email a request to pgc.webmasters@gmail.com. The PDF file will be emailed to an address that’s already subscribed to the PGC mailing list.


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