Friends of the Park: 2010 – 2011

The Parkwood Park Comittee wishes to recognize and thank the individuals and organizations who have donated their time and/or money in support of the Park.

The following people and organizations have helped us during the year through contributions to the Park or though gifts of goods or services.

For a list of contributors for other years, click on one of the links below:

Friends for
2010 – 2011

Friends for
2011 – 2012

Friends for
2012 – 2013

(Note that our year runs from October to September.)

Sycamore Level ( over $1,000)
 (you can be the first!)
Oak Level ( $500 to $999)
(you can be the first!)  
Hickory Level ( $250 to $499)
(you can be the first!)
Beech Level ( $100 to $249)
(you can be the first!)  
Poplar Level ( under $100)
Businesses, Governmental Agencies and NGOs

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