DeKalb County Ordinances

Dear Parkwood Residents:

Over the past year several neighbors have approached the Parkwood Garden Club Board with complaints about various properties within the neighborhood and inquired about code enforcement.

In the spirit of neighborliness, and to meet the expectations placed on the Garden Club by its residents, property owners are asked to consider not only the DeKalb County Code requirements, but also to have consideration of their neighbors.  The DeKalb Code of Ordinance is the minimal standard of property maintenance and is enforceable by the County.

To clarify information concerning various complaints heard by the Board, and passed neighbor to neighbor, the following information is provided.

It is against DeKalb code to:


  • Not clean up after your dog and cat (Section 5-2)
  • Allow your dog to bark uncontrolled (see specifics in Code) (Section 5-2)
  • Leave a dog or cat loose (Dogs must be leashed in Parkwood Park) (Section 5-4)
  • Chain a pet (Section  5-3)


  • Dump trash or yard waste, including leaves, on private property (including PARKWOOD PARK) (Section 22-74)
  • Allow any garbage, refuse, building debris/material to remain on your property (Section 18-9)


  • Have inoperable and/or unregistered vehicles of any type on your property unless in a fully enclosed building, carports are specifically excluded in the code. (Section 18-8)
  • Park a camper, boat, travel trailer or RV on the street, driveway, or front yard (Section 17-149)

House Maintenance

  • Have dead or hazardous trees (Section 18-9)
  • Have peeling paint, broken windows, loose shutters/ doors/ gutters/shingles or rotted wood (Section 18-34)
  • Allow your grass to grow higher than 12 inches (Section 18-38)
  • Build porches, decks, or additions without a County issued building permit (Section 7-30)

If you are unfamiliar with DeKalb County Code you can obtain a copy from the County for a fee by calling 311, or you can access and research the Code on-line at:

Neighbors are encouraged to speak with each other before calling code enforcement. In the event that Code Enforcement needs to be contacted, DeKalb County Code Enforcement can be reached by phone at 404-687-3700, and by email at

The Parkwood neighborhood does not have covenants, and beyond the DeKalb County Code, only our mutual consideration of others remains to guide each of us as we go about our lives and live in this neighborhood. Please consider your neighbors and fellow residents, as we are all seeking to create and maintain a clean, safe, peaceful, and visually pleasing neighborhood.

Thank you!

Parkwood Garden Club


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