Minutes of Board of Directors’ Meeting 3/11/13

Parkwood Garden Club
Board of Directors’ Minutes
March 11, 2013

The March 11, 2013 meeting of the Parkwood Garden Club (PGC) Board of Directors was held at 220 Upland Road in Decatur, GA.  The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm.  The following officers/committee chairs attended:  Tom Bell, Karna Candler, Steve Elmore, Scott McVeigh and Joanna Quillen.

Consent Agenda

  1. The January 13, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes were approved.
  2. The March Financial Reports were approved.

President’s Report – Karna Candler

  1. The Druid Hills Tour of Homes will be April 19-21.  Two homes from our neighborhood (the Carters at 498 W Parkwood and the Galifianakis at 471 W. Parkwood) and the Parkwood Park will be featured.  Over 2,000 visitors are expected.  Volunteers are needed to work in the homes and in the PGC tent.  Karna received 4 volunteers from her email request and needs many more.  See the Parkwood Park February 18 meeting minutes for more details.
  2. The 2013 PGC Nominating Committee (Bryan Bell, Jim Paulino and Karna Candler) has been working hard to find excellent candidates to fill the vacant positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Karna will email the completed slate to the PGC Board for approval.  The final slate will be voted on by the membership at the Annual Meeting.
  3. Karna has worked with Joe Dicks to produce a Parkwood T-shirt featuring Powl. The shirts are light grey and dark grey, with graphics in green. Karna will privately fund the purchase of this first order of shirts, giving them to Park volunteers at the Druid Hills Tour of Homes and other Garden Club volunteers.  If the shirts are popular, the Parkwood Park Committee may use the T-shirts for a fund raiser, since the setup/design fee has already been paid.
  4. Board members confirmed earlier policy that PGC email should not be used for personal business.  Anyone wanting to let neighbors know about yard sales should do so through  PGC Facebook.
  5. Tom Bell will check with Church of the Epiphany to see if Monday, May 20th is available for the PGC’s Annual Meeting.  Preliminary program plans for this meeting include a Parkwood Park Update, an annual review summary and speaker to discuss crime prevention.  The current board will provide yummy snacks and Joanna will take attendance.

Civic Committee

  1. Tom and Bryan will discuss whether or not to replace the batteries on the security cameras as they wear out.
  2. When Tom reaches someone with DeKalb County to discuss where the Parkwood Neighborhood is on the paving list, he will also ask about getting neighborhood sidewalk and curb repairs done.
  3. Tom reached an official of DeKalb County and successfully coordinated the retiming of the traffic light at the intersection of East Lake and Paden Circle (near the MARTA station.) Apparently the intersection was previously timed so that a car coming from the MARTA station down Paden would trigger the walk signal, not the traffic signal.  The light changes much quicker for cars now.

Parkwood Park Committee

Steve reported to the Board on the activities of the Parkwood Park Committee.  See the Parkwood Park Committee February 18, 2013 meeting minutes for details.  Additions included the following:

  1. Steve will be sure the following South Fork Conservancy condition has been met within the next few weeks: Ally shall provide an annual update to the Application within 30 days after the end of each calendar year. If such update has not been received by the first day of April after such year-end, SFC shall have the right to terminate this Contract, and upon such termination, any funds remaining in the Project account may be used, at SFC’s sole discretion, for any purpose serving the purposes and mission of SFC.
  2. The new Parkwood Park landscaping company, Leitch, has not yet sent an invoice to Tom/Parkwood Garden Club. Steve will investigate.
  3. A South Fork Conservancy donation form for the Parkwood Park will be in the tent for the Druid Hills Tour of Homes to encourage tax deductible donations by attendees. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:59 PM.  The next PGC Board meeting will be held on Monday, May 13, 2013 at Karna’s house.  The Nominating Committee slate will be presented and approved by email.

Minutes submitted by Joanna Quillen, Secretary on March 12, 2013.


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