2013 – 2014 PGC Board Accomplishments

1.  Sponsored and organized two parties for our PGC members and one street party for the neighborhood;

2.  Participated in the DHCA Yard Sale and contributed approximately $300 to the PGC;

3.  Organized a wine fundraiser with Ansley Wine Merchants and neighbors and contributed approximately $600 to the Park fund;

4.  Designed and printed PGC notecards with our logo, Powl, on the front;

5.  Published two newsletters about our neighbors and neighborhood;

6.  Established a Little Free Library in our neighborhood;

7.  Applied for, and received, a $3,000 grant from the DHCA for the Park;

8.  Established a Paypal account for collecting membership dues;

9.  Provided updating of membership information on-line during the membership drive;

10.  Implemented Nation of Neighbors, an on-line neighborhood watch; and

11.  Welcomed 10 new families into our neighborhood.


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