Sheri’s Trail

Over the past 2 years as Chair of the Parkwood Park Committee, Sheri
Kennedy has lead us through—

• Development of a Vision and Mission statement for the Park,

• Organizing numerous neighborhood workdays that removed over 6
truck loads of invasive plant materials from the Park,

• Planning, clearing, replanting the East Lake Traffic Circle,

• Redeveloping the West Ponce de Leon area of the Park including
a new fence (at no cost to the neighborhood), a planting plan, and
installation of new plants,

• Creation of paths and trail markers,

• Creation of the South Fork Conservancy Fiscal Sponsorship, and

• Creation of a logo for the Garden Club.

And she has individually —

• Made dozens of calls to various Dekalb County offices and
Commissioner Jeff Rader’s office

• Worked hundreds of hours in the Park alone or with her husband Jim.

She has been the driving force behind the many changes at the Park,
and she has kept the rest of the Park Committee on track.

Sheri has been our leader in turning the ravine into a true Park.

In recognition of her dedication and accomplishments, the Board of
Directors has decided to name the new trail at East Parkwood and the
Bypass as “Sheri’s Trail” and presented her with the special bronze trail
marker that will be installed at the head of the trail.

Thank you Sheri!!!


7 responses to “Sheri’s Trail

  1. A very well deserved honor. Bravo Sheri! Mary Leslie

  2. Christie Bell

    Thank you Sheri for the countless hours you have put into the park and improving our neighborhood! The park is beautiful and we enjoy taking walks through it regularly. All of your hard work has really made a difference.

  3. Bravo! Thank you for your effort and congratulations.

  4. I loved the neighborhood meeting last night — it was so meaningful and very special. Sheri, after many sleepless nights I know you have spent planning and thinking about the Park’s future potential, the Park as it is today is literally a dream come true. And it will only get better. Thank you so much for making it happen for all of us to enjoy!

  5. Betheda Gramling

    Very fitting. Sheri you are amazing. Glad the trail has become real. Great idea; start to finish???

  6. Betheda Gramling

    I wanted to make sure that the question marks indicate the upkeep we all need to commit to.

  7. Lisa and Scott Gordon

    Congratulations, Sheri! A fitting tribute. Thanks to Sheri and all of the other neighbors who’ve made those trails a delight to walk through!

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