Meeting to Discuss Coyote Trapping, Jan. 31. All are invited.

What: The “Pros and Cons of Trapping Coyotes”
When: Tuesday, Jan 31st, 7:00 P.M.
Where: Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, at E. Lake and Ponce (2089 Ponce de Leon Ave; Atlanta 30307); entrance drive is on East Lake
Who: Community at large

Community concern continues over the presence and impact of coyotes in our neighborhood. (See email below as one example.) This meeting will include a brief review of similar concerns in other communities (nationally and locally), and what they are doing about coyotes. Wildlife specialist and trapper Chip Elliot will share with us his knowledge and experience of 23 years. An update on establishing a central metro coyote reporting system will also be given.

Email received early January:

“I woke up in the night recently to terrible screaming and fighting sounds, and I ran barefoot into the backyard. A pack of coyotes was there — definitely 3-5 — and at least one had gotten into my neighbor’s barbed-wire pen of goats. A coyote was attacking them.
It was dark back there, but I screamed and yelled and chased them off. “By the time I woke the neighbors and they checked on the goats, the biggest of the goats, who is about 60/70 pounds, had puncture wounds in her neck. But is amazingly ok. She obviously was defending the much smaller goats. My neighbor put up more barbed wire, but found the coyotes too persistent and had to send the goats back to the farm they came from for fear they would be eaten.
“I did file a report on the Decatur News page — but WOW — if they are willing to come into a backyard and try to take down a LARGE goat, after hopping over a 5- foot fence topped by barbed wire, there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t attack kids.” Jennifer Palese, Decatur


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